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Lov9 Khari Put Us All in, "Check"

Lov9 Khari is an up-and-coming artist from Boston, Massachusetts. Known for his energetic personality, he is described as a party by the ones closest to him.

The singer-songwriter often channels his boundless energy into creating new songs. For as long as he could remember, he has always been inspired by artists such as 50 Cent, Trey Songz, and Tunechi.

Equipped with an awareness of his values, preferences, and pursuit of individuality, Lov9 Khari boldly sets his sights on the future.

Coming at us with a vibrant scope of intensity, “Check,” is the captivating new single coming straight from Lov9 Khari. Getting us amped up for the heated rays of the summer weather, this fresh release is accompanied by the overpowering presence of Lov9 Khari as he locks in his worded ammunition through his songwriting techniques.

We immediately fall into the dramatic approach that the instrumentation radiates through mesmerizing piano keys in the progressions noted. Lov9 Khari’s slick cadences sweep the bass-heavy instrumentation and place us into the prevalent thoughts that he makes a reality. There’s something to say about the way he emphasizes a laid-back finesse through the lyrical dexterity provided, all while giving us the animated energy we long for.

Transporting us to a cruise control state of mind, in both a figurative and literal way, we envision ourselves hitting the freeway while we turn the volume all the way up on this track. Known for his melodic approach to the way he raps his carefully crafted verses, Lov9 Khari brings forth wavy hues of charisma through the speakers.

Navigating us through a tempo that embeds itself into your mind, we’re hung up on the alluring wave that “Check,” puts us under.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lov9 Khari, and congratulations on the release of “Check.” With such vivid energy that comes from this song, could you please share what it means to you?

Check means many things to me. Most importantly, it let me get out of my comfort zone and be more expressive right off the bat. I don’t talk to many people but with the responses I’ve gotten and keep getting, I have no choice but to be social.

When crafting a song specifically for a vibe or season, as you did with “Check,” how does the creative process vary from songs that don’t take that route?

It all depends. Before, I would create something that I’d fantasize about. Now, I usually hear a beat and start creating harmonies and flows about something that either just occurred that day or something new that happened that I haven’t had a chance to express in a song yet. The process is almost always the same now.

What musical and non-musical inspiration did you take into the creative process when bringing this song to life?

Nothing. It was honestly a fantasy that turned into a manifestation. I never been to the strip crib before I made it. None of this shit happened to me when I made it. I let one person hear it and EVERYTHING in the song happened.

What has been your favorite part of your artistic career this far?

The trips and what happens when I reach the destinations. It brings me new motivation and gives me more things to sing about.

What's next for you?

More shows and some features from some lit artists. Can speak on it too much.


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