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Love Encompasses Us All After Listening to “Calling”

Becoming a parent is a rite of passage, a monumental life changing moment that comes on as an overwhelming explosion of love. Once that child comes into your life, your world is forever changed; a world that is now all about someone else. Mcaiiah’s latest track “Calling” is a beautiful love song, a love song written by a father to his son. An exquisite, sentimental piano melody opens and rounds out this song and remains its backbone throughout the track. The internal workings of this song are filled within rhythmic, steadfast beats and touching and affectionate lyrics. Lyric’s like “I’ve protected you, I have held back the waves that surrounded you,” showcase the love and devotion Mcaiiah clearly has in his soul. “Calling” illustrates the all-encompassing love a parent feels for their child.

Mcaiiah is a singer/songwriter hailing from Northern VA/Washington, DC area. A proud husband and father, Mcaiiah has experienced the highs and lows of life that has shaped his very honest and vulnerable artistic style. Mcaiiah is no stranger to depression and has been fortunate enough to have love lift him up and drag him out of the abyss. Mcaiiah hopes his music can help someone find solace, healing, encouragement or just enjoyment from listening. “Calling” is now streaming for your listening pleasure.

Check it out here. Read our exclusive interview with Mcaiiah below!

Hi Mcaiiah! Thank you for talking to us about your new song “Calling”. This song is filled with sincere and touching lyrics. What does this song mean to you?

“Calling” is a really special track because it tells the story of someone who’s just trying to navigate through life, but maybe doesn’t know how. In a society where countless people battle silently a plethora of issues, often turning to substance abuse, in attempt to numb the pain, I think the song beautifully paints the picture of a loving God who wants to meet us where we are, and help pull us out.

I found myself in a cycle of depression and anger and it wasn't until I accepted God’s love that I found freedom.

As a devoted husband, how do you carve out time to create music?

I’m not an actual father, just have a puppy haha!

It’s a struggle. Luckily, my wife is also a creative, so we work together to communicate our expectations and needs, and allow each other the space to create, while separating from the art at times to focus on family. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from that ignites you to write such raw and personal music?

I draw inspiration from my life and the life of those around me. I’m a very empathetic person so although I never try to speak for someone else’s experience, I tend to relate or connect with others’ pain. I find when you’ve battled with your own issues, its sometimes easier to connect with others fighting battles of their own.

What does the ability to create and sing your songs mean to you?

It means everything. Music has always been my outlet, allowing me to communicate things I'm not quite ready or willing to say aloud. Songwriting and singing have been my vehicles to self awareness and self love.

Where are you hoping this year leads you musically?

My hope and prayer is that my music sparks difficult, yet necessary conversations, creates new relationships and connections, and overall impacts listeners positively.

We don’t all have to have to same values and beliefs, but I hope listeners can at least connect with the love I intend to spread in a world that desperately needs it.


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