Lowkeyy Dances With The Devil In This Fresh Hit

Canadian alternative rap artist, Tristan Molina also known as “Lowkeyy” is excited to release his new single titled “Dancing With The Devil” A fresh contemporary hit with lots of flare and style. Tristan Molina stuck to his alternative roots blending in with a trap beat and showcasing a diverse sense of swag to his sound. With edgy vocals and a hint of suave, Lowkeyy sounds like a more manifold version of “Post Malone”. Lowkeyy’s Halloween release showcases more of his alternative background with more of a raw vocal integrity. The single is supported by an aggressive, dark instrumental that’s complementing the current holiday season of Halloween! Lowkeyy proves that writing and singing area new curve of music! The artist states:

“I feel Dancing with the devil is relatable to anyone who’s ever had to fight temptation to put themselves in a situation that although might look appealing, may lead to deception”

This song has a very telling and chilling in depth connotation, creating more dimensions to the music rather than a singular plane surface type of song. With the correct amount of edge, lyricism, and hauntingly but a seemingly dark gorgeous sound, Lowkeyy released the perfect spooky song to end off this spooky season!

Listen to "Dancing With The Devil" here.

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