Lucas Lou Releases "Starlight"

Lucas Lou, a Pop-Rock artist, singer/songwriter and philanthropist with the ambition to make art which points towards the good things in life and inspires to take a good stand for charity and goodness has released his new single ‘Starlight’ from his debut EP ‘Cry it Out’. We heard it here first! And we can tell you that this song has the perfect development from sappiness to acceptance.

Lucas starts off by singing in a deep/raspy low tone, with a nostalgic melody and beautiful acoustic chord from a guitar. He sings “I know you feel it too, heartbroken for it is too soon, the time has finally come the end of what has just begun” which then transcends into him singing “ when the coming of the night, we are breaking loose” and the song climaxes from a low energetic, sad piece to a more empowering emotional piece. Lucas, being a character of moral and embracing that into his artistry, possesses those exact qualities in his Starlight single. Check his EP out and see if you can relate to his lyricism with a soothing tone from his beautiful tenor vocals!

Listen to "Starlight" here and get to know more about Lucas Lou below!