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Luce Cannon Invites Listeners to Join His Thought-Provoking “Cook Out”

LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer Luce Cannon has set out to spread his humbling sound to the masses. As an emerging artist, Luce Cannon is making a statement with his first-ever debut single, titled “Cook Out.”

The single is self-produced by Luce Cannon himself, as he wanted it to be the most authentic expression possible. He aims to deliver specific, thoughtful messages to his listeners through his songs, and ultimately offer his raw, unrelenting truth.

“Cook Out” begins fast and furious with a persistent, vibe-heavy melody. Make sure you pay attention because Luce Cannon gives a fast-paced delivery, and each and every line he delivers contains impactful content. Luce wanted to “stir the pot” with his particular delivery, taking on a “real-gangster audio technician” vibe. “Cook Out” is paired with a music video in which the already vibe-worthy performance by Luce Cannon is elevated even higher.

“Cook Out” is meant to inspire introspection amongst its listeners, which is an aspect Luce Cannon ensures gets embedded into his music. He aspires to get his listeners thinking with the lyrics and to release quality music that will last a lifetime.

With “Cook Out,” he’s well on his way to making this goal a reality and we’re not so patiently waiting for this fresh artist to release more of his unique, impressionable sound.

“Cook Out,” along with its music video, is now available on applicable streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Luce Cannon. How on earth did you get the inspiration to produce something as elaborate and fun as “Cook Out?" I go in the studio with a mindset of a club environment and visualize how people will react to every word and dance to all the tempo of my beat. Create quote people can go back and replay and say did he really say that?

What was your favorite element to writing, recording, and performing for “Cook Out?"

Energy, I feed off energy, good vibes, and emotions I let the beat talk to me the words flow fluently and performing with meaning and giving you my pain that runs through every fiber in my body. How did you generate the lyrical content in “Cook Out?" Can you walk us through your creative process? I took the street approach. what I have been through in life, my passion, I do every song like it's the last song I make.

Were there any challenges to creating “Cook Out?"

No, I literally cooked it up in an hour and that's is with the production I went in with no regard for no one's feelings and just zoned out.

What's next for you?

Next for me will be another single produce by myself ft. Drakeo The Ruler, and I have a big single with Offset from the Migos also produced by myself as well.


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