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LUJAIN Takes Us Through the Good and the Bad of 2020

The traveling Artist and rising Singer/Songwriter LUJAIN finally pushed herself to release music this year. Her breakout year couldn't have gone any better (in terms of music, that is), as she released various singles and an EP titled "Elevator Music."

Born in Kuwait and of Syrian descent, LUJAIN found herself in LA to start her career. As the pandemic arose, she now resides in Stockholm, Sweden, where she finds limitless inspiration. Regarding her EP "Elevator Music," LUJAIN created this project around themes of being in a low place yet still striving to make necessary changes

LUJAIN also released a few upbeat Pop anthems, primarily her single "3," which touches on a love triangle and being caught in the middle. With more introspective singles like "Life of a Traveller," LUJAIN wanted to create this song from the perspective of an immigrant like herself, but to sing for those who can't find a place to call home.

On a more personal note, LUJAIN wrote the two singles "Goodbye" and "Everything's Temporary" about her late friend and artist Beldina, who devastatingly took her own life. Finding the only way to cope through music, LUJAIN touches hearts everywhere with the relatable and crushing experience she's written.

Wanting to be a part of something bigger, LUJAIN recently shot a video in partnership with the National Association of Mental Illness, dedicated to her dear friend Beldina, to be released next year.

Don't miss out on the experience that LUJAIN has to offer.

We're heavily impressed with the number of releases you have in 2020, seeing as it's your debut year. Which piece of yours means the most to you, and why?

To be honest I feel like each one of them means so much because all of them are so real and something I went through. currently, I feel like goodbye is the one that means to me the most. The emotional release that it provided and because I pretty much improvised it, it came out straight from the heart.

We've noticed that you tend to write about incredibly real, relatable, and sometimes emotional themes. Do you find it challenging to write about such personal themes?

I feel like the only way for me to feel better is to write about my emotions. Being able to “close a chapter” or figure out what I need to do from what I write. It's like solving a dilemma about something through writing. Whatever you'll end up writing is probably what you feel.

Which experience this year was the most beneficial for your music career?

Probably my single “3” because it’s been the one most successful yet with around 81k streams and of course “Traveller” which started my music career this year haha.

Could you tell us what your creative process is like when working in Stockholm this year? How did the city inspire you to keep going?

Honestly, it’s been a blessing, I have all night sessions once or twice a week. I found an amazing producer, Tony Senghore, to write with and it’s been my most productive year so far. I love Stockholm, it’s a beautiful city filled with hard workers, world-class songwriters, and producers which only inspires you to work harder. I’m extremely proud of the results.

Did you encounter any collaborations in 2020? Which would you say was your favorite collaborative experience?

On my fall EP “Elevator music” I worked with this amazing jazz musician Christian Renard a.k.a. parking lot. Super cozy. Now I'm collaborating with Tony, a producer/writer, on all of my new content. That's probably been my most educational and favorite experience thus far.

Could you tell us more about your video with the National Association of Mental Illness? What should we expect to see?

The video is coming out at the beginning of January. It’s a live performance of my two latest releases, “goodbye” and “everything is temporary”. it’s dedicated to my friend that committed suicide last year on Christmas and I just wanted to raise a little bit of money even if it’s only a little for the cause. so that somebody can help those people when I couldn’t you, you know?

Are you working on any other projects to be released next year?

I am working on so many projects to be released next year it’s honestly crazy. I have a new single coming out in February followed by an EP which I am so excited for. It’s called “love languages” and they’re my first love songs. Bad love, good love, foolish love, and self-love. You can definitely count on a lot of new music coming out in 2021.


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