Lukæs Subtracts Stagnation From the Equation With His Single “Two Weeks”

Hailing from Philadelphia, artist/rapper Lukæs releases his optimistic and dynamic single “Two Weeks.” Grasping inspiration from many greats along rap/hip-hop like Childish Gambino, Isaiah Rashad, Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller, Lukæs found his niche in textured writing after his influences and pushes himself to connect with his audience.

Through his latest single “Two Weeks,” Lukæs brings in positivity and optimism towards moving forward from your past while learning through every little life experience. The production serves an ambient ghost vocal melody that Lukæs harmonizes over with his striking bars full of authenticity. Kicking off with haunting yet ear-pleasing ghost vocals, “Two Weeks” takes a hi-fi turn once the beat kicks in and adds energy to the track. With a hard punch and intricate rim hits, the beat really plays a vital role while Lukæs effortlessly raps overtop. As he begins to rap with confidence, Lukæs touches on negativity stemming from his past and channeling the courage and pride to pick yourself up and move on. The beat is at a standstill while a voice of a man’s harsh words stand clear for a moment, while we’re anticipating Lukæs to begin rapping again almost as if he’s literally moving forward from negativity. As we’re taken around the hook once again, Lukæs clearly brings layered meaning within his tracks, as “Two Weeks” serves this and much more.

Be sure to listen to "Two Weeks" here.

Hey Lukæs, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving the positive lyrical content you’ve provided with your single “Two Weeks”. What drove you to create a hit that speaks on moving forward from the past?

Over the past couple of years I’ve seen some friendships fall by the wayside so, that was a big inspiration behind this song. It was a way of coping with a lot of change that was happening in my life along with just being a blank canvas for thoughts and feelings I needed to get out.

Through your single “Two Weeks”, we can really hear your emotion with each rhyme you’ve written. Could Lukæs take us through your songwriting process, and how you found the right lyrics for your single “Two Weeks”?

It was an amalgamation of different versions I ultimately came up with the chorus and a very rough outro last July and it took me a while to fit together the remaining pieces of the song. It was definitely a new kind of process for me. I let the concept grow and develop over those months before I finished the song and I think it made the song stronger than something I would have made all in one sitting.

We’ve heard that Lukæs’ first project was titled “Kinda Behind Us”. Now that you’ve released “Two Weeks” (a track about moving forward), can you compare these two pieces and how your views might have changed since then?

“Kinda Behind Us.” was the catalyst for where I wanted to take my career. I wanted to prove to myself that I could make a cohesive project. Looking back now I had no idea what I was doing and it’s really rough around the edges if I listen to it now but I am glad I did it because it would have never opened the doors for me to be confident in my art and be able to meet such talented people that have helped my music evolve into what it is now.

We’ve noticed that Lukæs’ discography has gained quite some recognition within a short period of time. Why do you think your music resonates with so many people, what keeps the listeners returning?

I just try to make something that conveys who I am as a person and be as honest and as candid as I can be about my experiences. I hope people take something away from the music that’s amazing to me if they do because there’s a lot more that I put into it than what’s on the surface.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Right now I have a couple more songs that are nearly finished that I’m expecting to drop this summer so new music will be out very soon! #BUZZMUSIC