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Lukas Blisse Makes it Known That He is, "Waiting To Be Discovered"

Born in Poland, Lukas Blisse is a London-based singer-songwriter who came to the UK in 2004 to pursue his dreams.

Music has always been a passion of his, and over the years he began working with different producers in order to experiment with various sounds. What he found was that his voice and melodies were always the connecting elements.

With a strong sense of belief in harmony, nature, connection, and destiny, he believes that everything will happen at the right time and in the right place.

Delving into his most recent sonic and visual pairing for the song, “Waiting To Be Discovered,” we’re lured into a mesmerizing universe that is profoundly the quintessence of Lukas Blisse. Within the pulsating soundscape that is etched into the dark vibrancy of the instrumentation's cadence, we have the gushing vocal flow of Lukas Blisse as he presents himself in an intimate, yet prevailing manner.

Matching the theme of the visuals displayed, we can’t take our eye off of the dazzling use of light projection intensifying the overall concept of “Waiting To Be Discovered.” Through the essence of lightning, rain, and bolstered lighting cues that surround Lukas Blisse dressed in all white with a traditional native headpiece, we pan between the gloomy to refreshing themes of a clouded aura turned effervescently illuminating.

This transition happens when the empowering chorus comes flooding into the speakers, and we’re serenaded with the repetitious lyrics, ‘waiting to be discovered,’ as we feel the flouring sense of liberation heeding through.

There’s a brilliance that seeps from this intensity as the mesmerizing spirit comes with a side of simplicity. We capture the journey and destination that Lukas Blisse is gunning for, and to us that emboldens us all to never lose hope of the end goal.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lukas Blisse! Congratulations on the release of “Waiting To Be Discovered.” The music video leaves us floored with emotion. You executed this in a marvelous way! In your own words, what does this song mean to you?

Thank you! I am very happy with such a positive reaction to this music video. Song itself is just a pure statement to the world and universe that the time is now - no matter what kind of problems comes your way - keep going and don't give up! Have faith! Discover yourself, discover what you really love, and DO IT NOW!

Did you find that your vision for the music video came out exactly how you intended for it to? What are you hoping that your audience can grasp from the visuals?

I got in touch with Adam Cameron King ( videographer) - we spoke about mine and his vision for the music video and I got very excited as many of them were similar. I wanted the opening scene in the rain, then move into the storm and bright light for the chorus. The results were better than I was wishing for! My main goal was to connect visuals with the lyrics, to show a warrior with a headdress who is ready for any obstacles in any conditions on his way to make dreams come true.

How long did it take you to film this video? What was the experience like on set when bringing this piece to life?

We shoot the video in Jack Studio Theatre in south-east London and it took us one day. We were pretty organized so it went quite smoothly. We cut the song into few pieces and were working step by step with different visuals displayed from the projector. It was fun and time went super-fast. I felt the energy of the storm throughout the day and it felt great!

How does “Waiting To Be Discovered,” compare to your previous single release?

I would say that it was pretty similar as for now it's still a small circle of my listeners (who are mainly my close friends) that show me big support! And it was the same this time! All of them agreed with 2 things- it's the most energetic song I've ever realized with the best music video!

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

It's hard to describe music or write about it because there is only one way to discover it - by FEELING it when the song is on! At the right time and right place! New music comes with new feelings - yesterday I was in acoustic vibe, today I am pop bunny, tomorrow I can be dance dreamer. I am staying open and go with the flow.


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