Luke Burr Gives Us Some Serious Vocals With "Heaven"

Luke Burr is a rising star from the United Kingdom, described by members of the music industry as a raw mix of “early Amy Winehouse meets John Legend”. Burr is from Essex, where he found his love for music through his father’s collection of soul records. His influences include Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross and Donny Hathaway. Luke strives to be true to his influences and roots while pushing the sonic boundaries to create something truly unique. He has worked and toured with some of the industry’s biggest artists, helping him to establish his spellbinding signature sound. He was hand-picked to be the main male touring vocalist for Rudimental, allowing him to play sold out venues in Europe and Australia. Recent performances include venues in London such as The Peppermint Club, Tha Juice Joint, and The Great Escape (a BBC live session), to name just a few. With sold out headline shows in both London and Los Angeles, 2019 looks to be Luke’s most promising year yet! BuzzMusic is happy to release a brand new single by Luke Burr called “Heaven”. Beginning with sultry sounding guitar and backup vocals, one can instantly grasp a sense of old soul vibes. As the verse progresses, the piano comes in and the whole just warms up so naturally. The vocals are delivered with a perfect blend of intensity, sincerity and an endless amount of charm. There is a great mix of new production techniques, beats, synths, but also a great homage to music from a bygone age, showing that Burr is clearly comfortable bending genres resulting in a unique sound. Luke Burr is a promising rising artist that we can’t wait to hear more about!

Stream "Heaven" now on Spotify, and keep scrolling for Luke's exclusive interview!

Hey Luke, thanks for chatting with us! To start off, would you mind describing a bit about your background and how you first got involved with music and songwriting?

I first started singing in local pubs when I was a teenager. The high of entertaining was unparalleled since then.I soon started to dream of having my own songs have the same effect on people as the covers I was performing did, so I started to write. At first, pretty badly! But as I lived more and something to say and write about, my songs started to get better. And now we are here!

What does your creative process look like generally speaking? How does it all come together?

It can vary but going into the studio I will often have an emotion (sometimes a title) that I want to express. Usually I’ll speak to the producer about how I’m feeling (if I’m working with someone) and that emotion filters through to the writing. Then I like to start with chords and singing melodies and chords that make me feel a certain way. Once I have that, I hone in on exactly what I want to say and fine tune the lyrics.

You fell in love with your dad’s old soul records, but do you have any modern day influences towards your craft?

Yes most definitely! I love H.E.R., Samm Henshaw, Timbaland, John Legend, Dermot Kennedy, Coldplay, Ella Mai, PJ Morton. A diverse bunch but all have influenced me musically in some way recently! Whether that be Dermots lyrics or Samm’s production or John’s melodies. Some, like H.E.R., I just admire and that admiration is inspiring in itself!

Your new single, “Heaven”, is out now. Did you have a particular meaning or message behind the music in this case?

I wrote that a while after being out a big record deal. For so long I’d felt like I knew where I was heading and after that deal ended prematurely, I felt lost. Like I had to re-think everything and approach music & life differently. Heaven was me finally feeling like I knew where I was heading again and full of hope; but also incredibly scared because it is entering the unknown. I think this message can relate to many relationships in my life (and hopefully yours!)

It seems like you’ve got some great plans in 2019. What can we hope to see from Luke Burr in the future?

I am off to Berlin for a show tomorrow! And then I am putting on more Headline shows this year. You can expect consistent releases of music and content that I believe is special. You can expect features & collaborations. And hopefully there will be a tour too!


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