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Luke Mills Reminds Us to Keep Moving Forward in, “Answers on the Wind”

Hailing from Holdrege, Nebraska, singer-songwriter, performer, and recording artist Luke Mills releases his lush and reflective single entitled "Answers on the Wind."

Writing music and performing since 1999, Mills has seen regional and national radio success with various songs over the last 20 years. Having toured the United States and performed with Grammy Award Winners like DAN+SHAY, Lee Brice, Dustin Lynch, Chris Janson, Ashley McBryde, Chase Rice, Phil Vassar, Doug Stone, and many more, it's safe to say that Luke Mills is on his way to stardom.

Now releasing his dreamy and introspective single, "Answers on the Wind," Luke Mills sings an incredibly inspirational message while encouraging us to keep our heads held high. His twangy and soothing instrumentation is enough to send us into a daydream alongside Mills' warm and chilling vocal stylings. We love the song's emotion, as it's just as relatable as it is genuine.

Jumping into "Answers on the Wind," the song gently opens with a twangy string instrumental alongside the softest acoustic guitar melodies. As the downtempo and light drum patterns begin to tap through our speakers, Luke Mills moves over to the bright and beaming hook while encouraging us to search for our answers in the wind of the future, not the past.

We adore Luke Mills' soothing and dreamy performance, as it perfectly enhances the song's personal and vulnerable lyrical message. As Luke Mills continues to enlighten us on how you have to learn to lose before you win, he makes his way to the song's end with nothing but optimism and passion.

Keep your eye on the prize with help from Luke Mills' latest single, "Answers on the Wind," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Luke Mills. We truly appreciate the optimistic and forward-thinking approach you've brought to your single "Answers on the Wind." What inspired this passionate and positive single?

What inspired this new single was the idea of chasing and working towards a goal that you might not achieve, but still holding on to who you are as a person and understanding that success or failure does not define your value or worth. Was it difficult for you to open up and write rather emotional words for "Answers on the Wind," or was it easy to write your genuine lyricism?

It really was a little difficult to write the words to "Answers On The Wind." I really had to dig deep to come to a place of honesty about the failures and successes in my own life. Our hearts get broken all the time, but everything can heal and move on to better things if we understand that there are infinite 2nd chances in this life. Even our successes can end up contributing to our future failures, so it’s always important to know that our worth is not defined by our accomplishments or failures. I believe there is a plan and place for every living soul and the answer we are looking for surrounds us. The devil kicks us in the door and also kicks us out. He gets us coming and going. It can really take the wind out of your sails if you let it. Being defined by Love allows even your failures to turn into success. We all will fail at some point in our lives.

Did you work with any producers to help bring "Answers on the Wind" to life? What was your experience like when navigating the instrumentals and production?

Once again I traveled to Denver CO to work with Joshua Olsen. He fixed me up with and produced my last single Love Another Day and I knew he would be great to work with on Answers On The Wind. I have been holding on to this song for over 5 years waiting for the right time to record and craft it into the right song that you hear now. Josh has a great talent for directing the instrumentation to take the melody and lyrics of the song to a deeper place they couldn’t go on their own. I really love working with him and he really knows how to somehow hear what’s in my head and bring it to life on the speakers.

Do you normally release such inspirational songs like "Answers on the Wind?" Would you say that you're known for these motivational and optimistic pieces?

That is a question I do get asked a lot. I write whatever comes out of my heart. I try and be positive with my messaging as much as possible as I feel like the world has enough negative influences trying to steal away all of our joy. So I guess you could say it is a theme that runs through most of my writing. I like to have fun as well, but I also do a lot of thinking about the human condition and how my role in this life can contribute to making it a little better for everyone. What's next for you?

I’m heading to Nashville TN to work on the next batch of songs to release. I’m working through the recent loss of my dad and I’m doing a lot of soul searching that I know will be an influence on this next project. It’s definitely going to be something that will honor the legacy he forged with his life. He was kind, optimistic, and was always eager for others' success. I hope to share some of the traits and values that helped make me with everyone who will hear these future songs. It’s been a great past few years and I’m excited to see where my team and I will be one year from now.

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