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Lunacy Encourages Passion and Devotion in, "Don't Fear the Fall"

From Melbourne, Australia, the unforgettable alt-pop artist and singer-songwriter Lunacy pays tribute to the power of love with her latest single, "Don't Fear the Fall."

Better known as Sally Chatfield, she became a household name after placing as runner-up on Australia's The X Factor. Same talent, different name, Sally Chatfield later went through a metamorphosis that transitioned her to become the powerhouse alt-pop act, Lunacy.

Teaming up with co-writer Oliver Kindred to deliver emotional journeys of love, loss, and heartbreak, Lunacy is excited to bestow her listeners with pieces that send them into deep states of reflection.

Her latest single, "Don't Fear the Fall," perfectly introduces new listeners to the powerful and vibrant stylings of Lunacy. Pairing up with producer Ionei Heckenberg for this track, Lunacy delivers a solid and devoted performance while basking in the radiant glory of the song's upbeat electro-pop production.

As we begin our venture into "Don't Fear the Fall," the song brightly opens with shimmering keyboard melodies and hearty electronic drum breaks. As Lunacy begins to steal the show with her blazing and luminous vocal stylings, she later delves into emotional and passionate lyricism that encourages the listener to give in to love when they're confident it's real.

We adore the upbeat and vibrant feel of this electro-pop tune, as the glimmering production perfectly complements Lunacy's mesmerizing vocal abilities while keeping us locked into the song's dynamic transitions. Making our way to the song's bridge, we're met with the raw and passionate feature from Kyso, who drenches us in the power and passion of hip-hop merged with beaming pop.

Feel the passion of Lunacy's latest single, "Don't Fear the Fall," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lunacy. We're truly in awe of your mesmerizing and uplifting performance within your recent single, "Don't Fear the Fall." What inspired you to write a song based on falling in love and knowing when it's right to do so?

Thank you so much. When I first heard the track, I knew straight away I had lyrics in my phone that would fit perfectly that I’d written when I was falling in love with my boyfriend. I wanted to write a track that might inspire someone to just go for it, whether it's love, or a passion, a career, that’s why the title ended up being Don’t Fear The Fall, because the risk just might be worth it. When working with producer Ionei Heckenberg for "Don't Fear the Fall," what sort of vibe or sonic feel were you aiming to achieve? When Ionei originally showed me this track it felt very Ariana Grande meets Paramore so I really lent into that when writing the melody and the rest of the lyrics with Oliver. Ionei and I are always on the same wavelength so once he started to hear the general melody idea he had already adapted the production to match. Did you write "Don't Fear the Fall" with your co-writer Oliver Kindred? How does your songwriting process usually go?

We basically finish each other’s sentences! No, but really haha. Oliver helps mold the ideas and themes I want to express and knows just what to say and how to say it when I’m drawing a blank or just not very poetic. Usually, I’ll show him the lyrics I have and he will edit them and help with structure, he’s super talented and has a great ear for pop songs. How does "Don't Fear the Fall" contrast your other released singles? Would you say that you often release songs surrounding love and devotion?

The themes of my other tracks are darker, my emo side is really showing on those songs. Don’t Fear The Fall is such an upbeat high-energy song, so it’s actually pretty different. I’m the type of person to wear my heart on my sleeve and love hard so naturally most of what I write about is going to reflect that, writing from the heart is the easiest way for me to express myself. What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

Catchy tunes with power vocals, I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries about my favorite diva vocalists, I’m feeling inspired and ready to belt some high notes. Oliver and I have been writing so many songs that are all super catchy, super big, and will hopefully show off our songwriting chops even further!


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