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Lyle Anthony Livens the Party With His Exciting Music Video for, "Love Wins"

Los Angeles-based award-winning singer-songwriter, dancer, and model Lyle Anthony basks in the glory of unapologetic self-expression with his latest anthemic single and music video entitled "Love Wins."

The social media force and LQBTQ+ activist quickly became a household name after winning the reality singing competition show, 'PopStars,' and later signed with EMI Records to join the 'Popstars Hall of Fame.' One of Anthony's most successful ventures was being a central act on the main stage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, alongside the Black Eyed Peas and Shakirah.

Recently dropping his exciting visual venture with his latest music video for "Love Wins," Lyle Anthony puts on quite the engaging performance while dancing away to his energetic tune. This visually stimulating music video is bound to stand the test of time, as it's a perfect representation of our evolving society and our encouragement of young LQBTQ+ members to live unapologetically and be comfortable in their own skin.

Hitting play on the music video for "Love Wins," the visuals open with Lyle Anthony and his partner waking up in their luxury bedroom while giving each other a warm embrace before starting the day. As Lyle Anthony continues his energetic and attention-demanding performance, he makes his way into a booming night-club scene while various extras pump up the party.

We're wildly impressed with the various scene changes that the music video has to offer, as Lyle Anthony can be seen in a dark neon room and later in the bright outdoors with a choreographed group dance to close the stimulating visuals.

Remind yourself that "Love Wins," and love will always win, with help from Lyle Anthony's latest music video, now available on YouTube.

What a fantastic and engaging music video you've released with "Love Wins." What inspired you to create the single itself? Why did you feel compelled to remind listeners that love will always win?

The single was truly inspired by the onset of Covid 19 and the political climate of 2020 when I saw many people, friends, and family going through the hardest times of their lives. The song is all about love and inclusion and I wanted to give people a reason to dance and smile again. Who accompanied you during the shoot for your music video, "Love Wins?" What was your collaborative experience like with the members of your team?

My entire team is truly incredible! I came up with the storyline for the music video and was accompanied by Chris Pitsicalis who is my Creative Director and Choreographer, also my incredible Producer Alex Lampsos, Assaad Ayoub who was the Director. Not to mention Guest Star: Matt Palmer Dancers: Deron Walker, Justin Porter, Ricky Munoz, DaRon Day Day Bell, Antonio Grande, Christopher Moore Assistant: Grace Hodges. What a great team!

What did you want your audience to feel and take away after watching your music video for "Love Wins?"

"Love Wins" is very much a feel-good, happy song and I truly hope it translates to my audience, of all races, genders, creeds, and nationalities. I lost my brother who is one of my greatest supporters and since then life just reminded me that we have to live life to the fullest, be happy, grateful, and be firm in our faith and who we are. For the little boy or girl in a fight for his mind and life, I want you to know that you belong and that the challenges of this world just make you stronger. The message of "Love Wins" and this song is to allow people to feel that. In terms of your overall artistic brand, what do you aim to represent and stand for? What do you want your audience to associate you and your music with?

My music, my sound, and my influence are very inspired by my African roots. Being South African and an LGBTQ artist, I want my music, my sound and my influence to very much represent that. If my audience is able to take away the authenticity, love, inclusion, a sense of happiness, and belonging then half of my job is complete, that’s what I stand for and represent. What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

I’d love for my new listeners to not only know me musically, but authentically. I pride myself on spreading Love in my sound and my message. More than that I want my new listeners to know that there is a space for them to exist in this world, ashamed and unafraid. It's our time to take over the world, so let's be proud and confident in who we are and what we represent. You and I together can make a difference.


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