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Lyncs Makes Her Emotions Rather "Obvious" in a New Single

The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Lyncs emphasize her desire for someone in a catchy new single, "Obvious."

Fresh off the release of her recent single, "Just Being Honest," Lyncs was able to thoroughly introduce herself to new listeners while planting her foot in the door of alt-pop. Having been featured on American Songwriter, Billboard, Atwood Magazine, and various Spotify editorial playlists, it's without a doubt that Lyncs is quickly becoming a household name.

Expanding on her recent single, "Obvious," Lyncs tells a relatable tale of growing significant feelings for a long-time friend and wishing to make the step into a relationship. Co-written with Keith Varon and drums/music direction by Rob Ernst, the genuine, passionate, and relatable themes make "Obvious" a single that's impossible to ignore.

Plunging into "Obvious," the track opens with a distorted drum arrangement that quickly transitions into a pulsating keyboard melody and airy percussion breakdowns. As Lyncs makes her soothing and breathy vocal appearance, she instantly sweeps us off our feet with her melodic tones and delicate delivery. As she continues expanding on the passion she holds for a dear friend, Lyncs continues to ring relatable bells by way of lyrics like, "-maybe I'm too terrified to say what's on my mind, isn't it obvious that I really want you in the worst way."

As Lyncs heads towards the groovy outro, the accompanying instrumentation sonically serenades us with intricate synth arrangements, soft keyboard melodies, and Rob Ernst's punchy drum breaks. As the song comes to an end, Lyncs leaves us wanting more melodic and heavily relatable tunes like this.

Get to know Lyncs and her most recent single, "Obvious," available on all digital streaming platforms.

We love the raw passion and relatable theme you've placed into your single, "Obvious." At what moment did you feel compelled to write a song based on your emotions for someone that might not be as "Obvious" as you think?

I’m a very passive person and hate conflict, so I definitely use music as my tool to get feelings or emotions across. I felt compelled to write this song since it was such a long time ago and I never really got to express how I was feeling at the time. I had the idea to write a song about it being so blatantly obvious that you like someone, but then quickly realized how detailed and “obvious” I would also have to be in the lyrics - something I’m not always comfortable with. I really like writing metaphorically so this was definitely a challenge to make it as straightforward yet compelling as possible.

What was it like writing your lyrics with Keith Varon for "Obvious"? How did he help bring your emotions and feelings to life?

Keith is an amazing writer and truly is able to capture an idea in seconds. We wrote the song over FaceTime (me here in NY and him in LA) and the entire process was so smooth. He has this ability to take a line or phrase and really flesh it out until it’s absolutely perfect, whereas I am more of a “write what comes to mind” type of writer. Each word and melody line counts and I’ve learned so much from him!

What drew you to the stylings of Rob Ernst to collaborate with on your single, "Obvious"? What was your collaborative experience like with him?

When you need drums that have life in em, you go to Rob Ernst haha! He’s got the best ear and his production style paired with Keith’s is a perfect pair for the sound I’m going for. It’s always amazing to have an idea in your head on what the song will sound like, and then hear it back as if it was magic.

Are you still continuing your 'song-a-month' project? What should we expect from the line of singles to follow "Obvious?"

I quickly learned that doing a song-a-month is not feasible if you want to shine on a light on each single. I started realizing that each release was feeling rushed and I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy the process of engaging with fans and giving space for each song to breathe. After “Obvious” you can expect some bangers, some mellow tunes, and maybe an EP? More music is still to come this year, just not every month!

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on touring and getting live shows together now that restrictions are lifting! It’s really exciting being here in NY and slowly seeing more and more venues open up. I’m really excited to play these songs live for the first time and engage with people again!


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