Lyndon Laveaux Brings a New Persona to Hip Hop Music!

Miami born and LA-based Hip Hop artist Lyndon Laveaux has been entrenched in music from a young age. Growing up on acts from the 80s artists like Queen Latifah, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Run DMC, and Nine Inch Nails are some of Laveaux’s musical influences. Art has always been a big passion for Laveaux taking shape in the form of music, acting, poetry, and dancing. However, rapping was always at the forefront of these artistic expressions. After forming music collective Swaggfia and undergoing some personnel changes, Laveaux released his first mix-tape in 2013. Having created many connections and friendships throughout his life influencing his artistic career, Laveaux has been able to work and collaborate with other artists including The Track Burnaz, The Artist B3ach, Robin Taylor, and Disanti. 

2019 was a big year for Laveaux having released songs "Hold On", "Never", "DCS", "Laveaux Can", and collaborations with Robin Taylor and Natha Bankston. When listening to Laveaux’s music and rapping you can hear the passion, hard work, and dedication he puts into his craft. Lyndon Laveaux has a bright future in front of him with no signs of stopping anytime soon. 2020 will see the Hip Hop artist focusing on various musical projects as well as his acting career and delving into producing for other artists.

You can check out Lyndon Laveaux's music here!

Thanks for joining us back at BuzzMusic Lyndon! You've been involved in music and the arts your entire life, is there any avenue of music you have yet to explore that you would like to?

I'd like to get back to playing bass again, I miss it a lot. It's just finding the time for it, I'm grateful to be busy though. I'd like to continue being behind the scenes, I enjoy curating different talents to work together, I'll be doing much more of that in 2020. I enjoy blending different sounds together. Prince, Marilyn Manson, Jay Z, and Trent Reznor among others are influential to me in the sense that those men are never afraid to push against the grain and keep their artistry versatile, so I enjoy rapping on a variety of beats, I'm planning to keep surprising folk on what I can rhyme on, I'm not playing for a season I'm playing for longevity, to do that I feel you must keep your audience guessing and engaged. I'm working on my first album in the new year as well.

You have mentioned struggles with clinical depression and anxiety, how have those experiences influenced your musical process?

Well yes, the obsessiveness aspect of my anxiety helps with my detail in my music, I'm so particular about my sound. My engineers usually get dissertation length notes. I see music like a puzzle, there are 16 bars in a verse, right? So depending on the tempo/BPM of a song I then ask myself how many syllables can I fit in each bar, so I'll try verses out in a multiple-way and if even one syllable throws me off, I may change the phrase, the bar or the whole verse. The work needs to seem seamless, and that can only come from being detail to every note, every breath, consonant, delivery it all should matter in my opinion.

When the depression and anxiety hit me at once it can sometimes hinder the creative process, cause I begin a game of self-loathing and begin thinking nothing I do will be good enough. I ride that wave for however long my brain chemistry wants me to, I then use therapeutic techniques to get me out of it and eventually I find myself writing again till the process repeats, but honestly I'm grateful for being a creative; I've had suicidal thoughts since I was a child, almost succeeded once but after I lost my brother and two friends (one just last weekend) to it, it made me extremely conscious of my thoughts, also helped me realize as dark as my cloud can get, I wanna live, although the thoughts still come, I push through in hopes of a better tomorrow. Being able to translate these complicated human emotions through music is cathartic and a gift, a gift I don't ever wanna take advantage of, it's why I challenge myself with every opportunity that's given to record. It took me a long time to understand that my mental illnesses are not hindrances, they're my superpower. Like Eminem once said "And when they stacked decks, turn handicaps into assets"

What has it been like collaborating with other artists, Robin Taylor and Nathan Bankston?

I'm lucky because the people I work with are nothing less than phenomenal, Robin I believe is a creative savant. She is an incredible writer, her music range is aspiring, her stage presence leaves audiences in awe. I remember seeing her open up for Afro Man and she jumped on the speakers, this unassuming white girl captivated everybody in the venue, they were eating out the palm of her hands. She's fierce, so working with her forces me to go harder, because I'm the type to be inspired by your work ethic, she does that and then some. Nathan is just top tier, to see the work he puts out, the diversity in it is magnificent, I'm so excited for his journey, we have a song called DCS that drops Friday 12/6, when I first heard that beat it blew my mind I found myself saying "ok if he's gonna make this type of quality I've got to come correct", I believe I added some flavor to the bars. Nathan and I also have two more records releasing at the top 2020.

It behooves me to speak on Disanti and The Track Burnaz as well for they leave me to embolden to do my best when working with them as well. I saw Disanti with her band Nu Ritual the other night and just thought "man I am blessed  to work with such a jaw-dropping performer." Disanti and I have been working together for years before we were recording in nice studios with quality equipment we were recording in a closet. Disanti is remarkable, dancer, singer, rapper, actor, that Puerto Rican's a warrior.  To see what The Track Burnaz has done in their collaborations with DJ Khaled, Future, Wize, Tory Lanez,  among many more including what they do for their own projects leaves me mesmerized they are superheroes to me especially my childhood friend Ruben Raymond, his musicianship is of the gods. So whenever I find myself creating with these fantastic artists it takes me to a new level each time cause they take themselves to new heights with every chance they get. They say you're the average of the five people you keep around you, well I've got The Avengers around me so imagine what I'm meant to do. 

Where did the inspiration for 'Laveaux Can' come from?

That's a funny story, I had severe crush on somebody once upon a time and I thought the feelings were mutual, I must've misread signs cause I would've bet my last dollar on that being true at the time, but then we went to a party, saw her making out with someone else and knew obviously at that moment that I was wrong. I was distraught about it for a bit, was mad at myself for not telling her how I felt, as tongue and cheek I can be with my lyrics, I'm inherently shy/insecure. So I was gonna write a depressive ass song on how I'm a coward and should've said something yadda yadda yadda, but then something rare happened, I began to think about my good qualities as an individual and realized I'm a catch. I then thought to myself this is not gonna be melodic like.. at all fuck that shit this is gonna be a flex. I came up with the hook hit up Rube sent him the voice clip of the hook to create a beat off of and told him what I told you, he then hits me back with this super dope beat, with clear G-Funk/West Coast influence and I ate that beat and got to be a bit grandiose at the same time, it was loads of fun and has been getting received well. Again the music is therapy to me. 

Who would be your dream artist/producer to collaborate with?

If I'm going for the fence here I would absolutely love working with Jay-Z, I respect that man immensely for a multitude of reasons but the main one is that I believe he's the greatest MC to ever touch a mic. Technique, cadence, delivery, storytelling, metaphor, simile, hitmaker, he's your rappers rapper, in my opinion, to be even acknowledged by Hov would be an honor, but to work with him wow I tell you what that would be my best verse up to that point. As far as producers go I've got three that either one of those men would suffice, those would be Dr. Dre, Timbaland or my fellow Virgo Swizz Beatz. Those three I believe are truly symbiotic when they work with artists, I'd have to go beast mode if ever given the opportunity to work with any of these legends. 

You have many different projects in the works for 2020, can you give us a hint of what we can expect?

Well, top of the year I'm releasing two tracks with Nathan Bankston, shooting a music video for one of those songs as well that month. I have a performance in Boyle Heights at The Blvd Tuesday, January 14th show starts at 8 with special guests Disanti and Robin Taylor. I'm working on my album, I'll be putting out an EP to hold people over till the album comes. The Track Burnaz and I got more to do together, as well as Nathan, you will for sure hear beats from them on my album. As mentioned earlier I'll be behind the scenes as well as Executive Producer on a few songs and projects, which include a really sick song that features The First Lady of Swaggfia Disanti and some superb lady artists that I thought she would sound great with. More details of that song will come in the upcoming year. I also have something special baking in the oven for Dooley Sheen a Hallandale MC who's triple entendre lyrics are gonna leave hip hop fans heads spinning. Trust me when I say I know how to pick em. Looking forward to sharing these projects in 2020. There's more but I gotta leave something to the imagination.