Lyndon Laveaux Talks About His New Single "After Dark" and What It's Like to Be a Hip Hop Artist

Lyndon Laveaux is no stranger to the Hip-Hop music scene. With over 7 years of experience in writing, rapping and producing, there’s no surprise that his new single "After Dark" has come to excite us. The energetic song builds upon a frame of upbeat 808’s and piano chords that surround Lyndon’s suggestive lyrics. While the song is provocative, it is also playful. There is a contrast between the songs playful vibe and it’s sensual rhymes but not a shocking one, in fact, they work together to create a track that feels good.

Lyndon’s years of experience shine through in his lyrics, as he sets the scene for this erotic love story. After years of producing for himself and others, it seems the recording artist has found his groove. He’s a far cry from the artist he was in 2013 when he released his very first mixtape but he’s still just as passionate. Lyndon’s persistence, practice, and dedication to his art are admirable and surely these attributes shine through in his latest release.

In an exclusive interview, Lyndon Laveaux sits down with BuzzMusic to paint a picture of where he came from and how he’s gotten to where he is.

Stream "After Dark" here.

Hey Lyndon, thank you for being here. You've been in the music industry for almost a decade now. Can you recall your earliest memory of music?

Yes, I can recall being a baby and having my mom play music from the 80s for me they were like my lullabies, from Prince to Michael Jackson to Queen Latifah to Run DMC to Aerosmith to Bruce Springsteen to Nine Inch Nails the list goes on and my mother was very adamant about lyrics, she would always say you have to have intention whenever speaking especially if you're an artist and that resonates with me till this day. As I got older I met one of the most talented human beings on this planet one of my best friends and brother Mr. Ruben Raymond of The Track Burnaz. He gave me such a solid foundation in music he would teach me music theory and to this day he is one of my producers and still brings the best out of me. I love that man dearly.

Did you always want to make your own music or was it something that you fell into overtime? Yes, I always wanted to make music but as I got older and life hit me in severity of ways I began to want to hide in my shell, music was so personal and there was a long period of not loving myself so I turned to act so I could escape myself it was until I got older and I met one of my best friends and another brother of mine Mr. Dooley Sheen. Dooley is one of the most magnificent MCs I've ever had the pleasure of knowing he is ridiculously talented and when he saw something in me when he saw that I wanted to do music deep inside he pulled it out of me with everything he could. From teaching me variant techniques like freestyling lyrical exercises and trusting the fact that I was a big-time comic book nerd so I had metaphors and punchlines for days especially since I've been doing poetry since I was 11 years old. I have to thank Disanti my partner in rhyme as well, she's another creative genius who saw great potential in me and since meeting me in college spoke to it, she saw me performing at a spoken word performance and continued from that day on to encourage me to rap. Jermaine Kelly a savant in music and in music business Jermaine was my neighbor and he encouraged me to release my first mixtape through his streaming platform Immitter a music platform for independent artist it was the first platform to show me love and he still continues to hit me up today to check in on me and we talk business all the time, I grew my business savvy from knowing him I appreciate him dearly. Joshua Hockey my first engineer And Ray Mitchell my current one both at different points helped me grow immensely as a recording artist I love them both.

With all of that Angst, when did you find the courage to start making music of your own? Just having people around me to encourage me helped greatly. Also once I began to start loving myself and trusting my spirit as a creative I grew. I remember one day I was feeling very discouraged and Ruben Raymond hit me up and told me that he would bet his last dollar on me and for Ruben to be part of a supergroup with plaques, who have worked with people like DJ Khaled and Future it meant so much that he said that to me and more importantly I've known him forever so it hit different, words of encouragement like that keep me going it's why I always speak to people's potential because I know what that did for me. You got to give people their flowers while they're around to smell them

You've definitely grown a lot. What has been the key to your growth and success in the Hip Hop Industry?

Trusting the process, taking criticism and understanding that it's not about you, it's not personal it's about the work and I think if you can take criticism and apply them where you deem it necessary there's unlimited potential for growth and you got to love it you have to love it because that's what's going to encourage you to want to get better. It takes a lot of courage to move with an open heart but as a creative, that level of vulnerability can be the catalyst for your growth.

What can we expect to see from you throughout the year?

Well, you will get more music, music videos directed by the talented Young Tez who is also an incredible artist as well.  I am also beginning to work on my album with The Track Burnaz.  I will be executively producing projects as well a single by Dooley Sheen a collaboration with The Track Burnaz  will be coming soon.  I also have things in the oven with Disanti and the supremely talented Robin Taylor. Will continue to collab with the Diplo of his generation Nathan Bankston. Tristan also is known as The Wily Rogue an amazing singer will be another artist I'll be behind the scenes for and of course more live performances.  My theatre company Not Another Theater Company will be producing new plays, web series and short films this year as well.  I am extremely excited for what's to come in 2020 I feel deep in my heart this year will be an immaculate transitional period for me and my peers.  Thank you for having me and supporting me and my artistic family.