LYNX & Timi Tamminen Release "Best Regards"

LYNX released his single “Best Regards”, the smooth guitar based house track with a suave classic R&B feel, a creation almost distinctive yet addicting from the music we are use to listening too. The vocals are led by singer Timi Tamminen and it tells a story about missing your ex. We can most definitely add this to all our playlists where we reflect on past relationships between people who was once very important in our lives. The song has all the qualities of a “mainstream hit” with a radio play aesthetic to it. You’re bound to want to dance along and allow the song to become a unit with you.

They did a great job creating the ability for us to connect with the music where we feel as if we’re placed inside the song to enjoy the whole atmosphere fabrication made for us. The beautiful acoustic guitar strings is one of the most attractive traits about the single. Although it’s used as support in the background instrumental, it plays an important role in the melodic tune, serenading us alongside Timi Tamminen canorous voice.

Listen to "Best Regards" here and connect with LYNX on social media below!

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