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Lyrically Lighting a Path of Her Own Nisey Rashad Say Hi in "HolaHello"

Triple threat Nisey Rashad is an American actress, writer, and recording artist based in Los Angeles, California. Best known for the unique blend of Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul showcased on her 2020 release, 'Negro,' Nisey Rashad takes a certain effervescence into her most recent releases, leaving listeners wanting that much more from the prosperous artist.

Taking a Latin spin to her most recent track, "HolaHello," Nisey Rashad taps into her roots as she reveals a brilliant display of rhythmic vitality in the well-executed verses heard in this sensual single. Soothing Hip-hop textures jump from the vivacious soundscape as we become effortlessly absorbed in how the Spanish guitar strums to the infectious tempo of the drum kit produced.

Nisey Rashad showcases a sultry side of herself through the way her lyrical dexterity weaves amongst the enticing cadences she implants into the song's structure. The fortified foundation that is her emcee techniques shine brightly along with the unapologetic persona that Nisey Rashad authentically rocks. Rapping with a charismatic juxtaposition, the words that Nisey Rashad performs in both English and Spanish has us grasping on to her artistic versatility.

She has a tendency to give her fan base exactly what they want, even if they aren't aware of it going into the listening experience. You always get an elevated dimension of Nisey Rashad as she flaunts her skill set in a boisterous manner. "HolaHello," is no different and has us wanting more of the unique sonic ventures that we know we can count on Nisey Rashad to deliver.

Welcome tack o BbuzzMusic, Nisey Rashad. We are loving the latest single, “HolaHello.” Could you please take us into what inspired the fierce energy we’re receiving from this track?

You guys always make me feel right at home. I wasn’t trying to be fierce, just direct. LOL.

How does the creative process of “HolaHello,” compare to other songs that you’ve written in the past? Did you find it fairly easy to execute?

Ironically, “Hola Hello” was a little easier to write but I think it’s because I’m always in that type of situation. The one where it’s like we are both saying the same thing in different languages. I just hope that no matter how I say it you get the meaning.

You wear many hats in your genre of music and you always keep us on our toes with the content that you write about. Do you have a favorite subject to dissect in your lyrics?

First off, thank you for even taking an interest in my music and I can’t believe you guys read the lyrics. I write about what’s happening around me, my dreams, the things I’ve been through, or sh*t that just doesn’t quite make sense. I really use music to process my thoughts so the fact they ya’ll actually read the lyrics is the ultimate compliment. Thank you.

Which musical artist do you seek inspiration from? How do you hone in on their craft and directly translate it to a unique lane of your own?

I don’t really seek inspiration from one artist per se. I have artists that are apart of my foundation because of the impact their music has on my life, so it’s kind of hard not to execute the things that I’ve learned from them. For me, it’s like learning a family recipe but still wanting your version to stand out.

What's next for you?

I have a few independent projects I’m working on (short film & YouTube series) but for the most part, I’m writing music.


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