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Maaley Releases His Single “Real One”

Maaley released his single titled “Real One”, a refreshing sensual Rnb hit! Maaley has a solid vocal tone with a smooth resonance and he completely shocks us with his range. He not only takes his voice through all registers including low and high, but he serenades his listener with an enticing high-pitched whistle note, carried with complete control and quality. The style of his voice is highly distinguishable yet classic. It reminds me a lot like those talented rnb vocalists who gave us some of the most contemporary timeless bops. Artists like Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Usher, and Ne-yo can take credit for this and it looks as if Maaley is the future of the unchanging Rnb music.

The passionate lyrics help create the light-hearted raunchy vibe that’s credited to the aura the beat has. “Real One” has a harmonically rich hook carried with a silk-like texture. Despite the texturized voice of Maaley, “Real One” leaves you yearning for more. It’s one of those songs that just deserves an instant replay. “Real One” could fit right in the plethora of “Love jams” that we know we must have on our playlists! Although it holds similarities to a lot of iconic classics, it’s undeniably individual to Maaley, and holds its place on its own. “Real One” is a song that evokes repetitive plays with the lush acoustics from Maaley’s voice and the head banging beat with a touch of romance!

Listen to "Real One" here and get to know more about Maaley below!

Mind introducing yourself to our readers Maaley and telling us a little bit about your background!?

My name is Maaley, I am 25 years old. Born in Queens, New York, raised in Connecticut. Music has been a part of my life from a very early age, and I can say that it is my one, true love. Ever since I was able to speak I was singing. I went to Southern Connecticut State University and graduated with my vocal music degree. I produce, engineer, sing, rap, dance, play piano and guitar.

Do you have any musical influences? If so who and why!?

My musical influences are Boyz 2 Men, and all 90s RnB like Dru Hill, Brian McKnight. They really knew how to sing and had the passion/talent, you could hear it when they sang they sang from their heart. Tupac was my rapping influence, nowadays my influences stem from Frank Ocean, Drake, and artists of that nature. Their writing, the way they paint pictures for audiences and the words they put together to portray their feelings and help connect audiences to the situations are amazing. That's how I like to write my music.

What are some challenges you’ve faced while creating “Real One” ?

Some challenges I faced while creating "Real One" was trying to make sure the audience stayed engaged and making sure they felt what I was saying because it is s song both men and women can relate to. So I tried my best to make it easy for people to connect with the words I was saying and pictures I tried to paint. As well as keeping it all relevant.

What inspired you to write “Real One” ? did you have a special somebody in mind?

At the time of writing "Real One" nothing significant that aligned with the topic was happening in my life but I took some old feelings from a past love interest and used it to write it. I came up with the main lines "Come be with a real one. You've been dealing with busters I know that's a part of your problem." I freestyles that in the car while listening to the beat and I was able to write the full song using motivation from my past

What’s next for you?

I just released my debut EP "Mark My Words" on all music streaming outlets, which includes "Real One", but I my debut album "Letter To Life" is in the works right now and I plan on releasing it end of summer, beginning of autumn. I also plan on touring around the East coast during the summer. Also, look out for Maaley Merch going to be sold everywhere in the beginning of June. 


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