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Mac Woodz “Chosen” Is Everything You Need On Your Playlist Right Now

Mac Woodz is a new artist out of the metro Atlanta area near the bay. Alongside his label mate Maanz, the two co-founded Vibez Collective, an independent record label focused on giving you musical vibes for every mood. His versatile melodic sound is infectious and you can hear the joy and swagger in every song. Being bicoastal via California and Atlanta, you’re able to hear the perfect mixture of West coast and Southern flavors displayed on his first solo project Vibez Tape, Vol 1. No doubt he brings a new and smooth sound to the game.

Mac Woodz recently released “Chosen” on his mixtape and we loved everything about this. From the lyrics, to his story and the delightful trap beat, “Chosen” is a nice vibe song to listen to.

I enjoyed the lyricism of Mac Woodz and his way of storytelling. He talks about a lot of substantial topics. His lyrics were a nice way to blend together the charismatic current generation with the lyrical masters from the past. He had a nice melodic delivery with a smooth vocal tone. Showcasing his rap skills, and his singing ability, Mac Woodz doesn’t hold back... not one bit. “Chosen” was a super cool record. Many people are going to vibe to this record effortlessly.

Listen to "Chosen" here and get to know more about Mac Woodz in our interview below!

Welcome Mac Woodz to BuzzMusic! Describe your music and how your characteristics are infused with it!?

My music is me totally. It’s hard yet melodic. It’s literally me. I’m the guy ranting on my Snapchat then the very next Snap, smoking to Brent Faiyaz. I just love the balance of upbeat and melodic sounds.

Tell us about the “Vibez Tape. Vol 1”, what was the most challenging aspect in creating this project?

Vibez Tape is my baby. It’s my first project. I don’t think it was a challenge making it. I think the biggest challenge was allowing everybody to finally here something from me. My biggest challenge was accepting that it’s gonna be liked by a lot and probably not liked by more but as long as it’s touching those ones who really vibing with it, i have to count that as a win 

How does “Chosen” fit into the theme of the album!? It was a super nice song!

"Chosen" came together in a crazy way. My brother and business partner Maanz has a habit of holding hard beats from me. He will keep a beat in the tuck them just pull it out in a session casually and I’m like dog, where has this beat been, why haven’t I heard this? Chosen was the same way. He played the beat and I instantly knew I had something for it. The title of the song speaks for itself. I’m chosen. At least I feel like it. I’m the oldest child. The oldest male grandchild. Growing up in my old neighborhood, I was like the leader of my lil group of friends. So I’m always leading. It’s just the role I was destined for. Like the song says, “chosen to put on for the squad”

Any other personal favorites for you off your album? If so which and why?

My personal favorites are more than this and the outro. More than this just allowed me to show a lil bit of a vocal range and that I can just flow on a beat you know. I feel like I displayed a lot of talent on that song. But when it comes to the outro, it’s nothing like anything else on my EP. it’s BARRED OUT. Like I wanted to show not only my friends, or peers but just everybody that just cause I’m doing these catchy melodies don’t get it twisted. We can go bar for bar

What’s next for you?

Visuals, more music, merchandise. Everything. I’ve always had the ability to put words together and rap a little bit but now I’m full throttle. Now I’m thinking business, not just music. But I wanna do it all. Music is always gonna be a priority though cause I have most fun when I’m creating music. But I want my hands in everything. But I am for sure working on my debut album for sure. 


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