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Mach-7 Muzik Returns Hot Off the Heels of "Black Summer Volume. 2," With New Track, "The Pack"

The New-Wave Musical Powerhouse operating under the cognomen, Mach-7 Muzik, is the sonic cooperating between two NYC siblings—Marcus Machado and Vicky Casis—who are on a mission to deliver their music to the masses with their latest single, "The Pack." Including a guitar prodigy in one corner and an intricate music producer in the other, this collective Musical enterprise operates with veteran management over the reigns of the talented collaborators who regularly make appearances on their New-Age Hip-hop escapades.

"The Pack" features an industrial pounding backbeat that sounds as if the NYC group adopted a miniature drum-line for this buzzing Hip-hop cut's rhythm section.

An ominously resounding pad's subtle twinkles manifest this salacious mix's bordering edges on top of the assiduous tumbling measure. Here, Mike Mitch, Mike Larry Daws, and JSWISS lay claim over the dominion of our speakers' center channels, penetrating through into the duskier intersections of our slow, swaggering dance progressions as we oscillate along with the dynamics vibes oozing from the low-end.

It's a minimalistic production by nature, but the adhesive bar-riffling flow of the three musketeer Emcee's find unity over the ominously gliding quality of the New-age sonics that garnishes this cut from top to bottom. It's a prismatic highlight over the Duo's affluence for finding contributors who readily fit together over the meticulous clockwork that operates underneath the hood of their spunked-out and low-riding singles. It would be a mistake to let up on the experience that "The Pack" offers. As the final whacks of the vitreous drums mark the culmination of our experience, we're already hovering over the repeat button for one more go.

How did you go about curating the collaborators you feature on "The Path"? Was this a situation where the beat was already done, and it was time to find the right fitting Rappers? Or was this a combined sonic development from start to finish amongst everyone involved?

For the single "The Pack," the beat was created, and then we sent the song out to all rappers that were part of the album. This was the overall process for the album, we created the music then sent it out to the lyricists. The artists featured on the single chose "The Pack" as one of the songs they wanted to rap on. They individually recorded their verses and sent them to us, then we did the arrangements on the song. All the rappers featured on Black Summer Again we either are familiar with their music or know personally.

Can you describe some of the emotions you were trying to manifest throughout this track's playback, and what strikes you as most captivating about the collaborates you've featured on this track?

The emotions we wanted to manifest for this single are high energy but still gritty. We want the listener to be amped up from the beat, lyricism, and bars. What the artists featured bring in general and to this track, Mike Mitch brings the memorable hooks/verses and overall smoothness, Mike Larry Draw brings the animated yet powerful lyrics, and JSWISS brings them high-quality conscious bars/lyrics that we need. Each artist has different styles and were able to bring 100% that into the song, which is what we wanted.

What's the story behind the humble beginnings of Mach-7 Musik, and how have you two established such a cohesive musical dynamic when working together?

We're siblings, so we have known each other our whole lives and have created music forever. As kids, we would play guitar and drums and jam out to Jimi Hendrix, Parliament Funkadelic, Prince, etc. We would and still do put each other on to new music and artists, so with the equal love for music, it was a no brainer to form a Music Production Team. When working together, we like to throw out ideas and experiment. v

Can you tell us about an Artistic milestone you're still in the process of achieving? What have you been focusing on this year to get one step closer to that goal?

Our artistic milestone is to create music for movies, video games, and television. We have been paying more attention to what movies, video games, and television look for musically and have been continuing to perfect the craft.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

What has kept us inspired this year is our work. We've been working on a lot of different projects this year and want each project to help ease everyone's minds. This year has been so tough, but if our music can help a person get through this tough time or a tough moment, we did what we had to do!



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