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MachGang Delivers a Sentimental Hip-Hop Piece with a Thought-Provoking Message, “Get A Bag”

The best kind of music is the songs that create stories and paint pictures for the listeners. Music is an art form that could represent our inner feelings and thoughts that could be difficult to express. When Artist MachGang discusses his reasoning behind his new single, "Get A Bag," it's empowering enough for you to open your mind to the realities of today's society. MachGang wrote "Get A Bag" to portray his hate for systematic racism. This single explains how somebody can be trapped within this oppressive box, yet striving to secure the financial security they deserve and long for.

"Get A Bag" opens the single up with an emotional piano melody & ethereal elements that set the tone for a deep & reflective piece. Once the beat drops, MachGang unleashes his feelings in the catchy but relatable hook. MachGang lyricism is incredibly cultivating; his unique metaphors blended with thought-provoking lyrics create a substantial word piece that falls into the likes of Drake & J Cole.

The delivery from MachGang is trendy & flows well with the pace of the song. MachGang has fused together rap with melodies & projected a canorous tune that will get ingrained in the listener's head. MachGang delivery favored the likes of JuiceWorld & Post Malone, yet curated into his own individual sound. "Get A Bag" has a radio-ready aesthetic, but it's digestible for a vast range of different listeners due to its multifaceted hip-hop sound.

What we admired about "Get A Bag" was how it portrayed this vulnerable aspect to MachGang artistry. Mach conveyed the ability to deliver an unguarded single that can create a connection between him and his fans, showing them that he too understands the ugly truth of life. "Get A Bag" was a powerfully dynamic single & MachGang's future is looking brighter than ever.

Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers? Where are you from and what made you pursue music?

Ay, I'm MachGang and I'm a rising artist coming out of Chandler, Arizona. I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and moved to America when I was little and I started making music last year with the intent of inspiring and hyping people up at the same time.

“Get A Bag” has a strong message behind the delivery. In what ways were you able to personally relate to this single and what was your vision on conveying the meaning behind the lyrics?

I'm able to relate to this single in almost every way because I'm talking about myself, for almost every life situation you will be treated differently based on your income and the lower it is the worse you are generally treated. This is crazy to me but that is something that will never change, so my solution is to get a bag, or in other words, get more money so you won't be treated badly. My vision for conveying the meaning of the lyrics was to highlight two different aspects of the problem. The first being my individual experience and how I get treated like a nobody and then the second being the rest of black America in the same hole as me but with a family. The black family provider will get stuck in terrible jobs and can't escape because they are fully dependent on that job to be the main income for the family and their boss/corporation has so much power over them because they will do whatever they need to do so they can provide and there isn't a better option and in the blink of an eye they can lose the job for whatever reason the boss/corporation wants to give and they will be in a very bad hole. So overall my plan is to avoid that by finding a great source of income so I don't fall into that trap.

 What goals have you achieved with your music this year?

The goals I have achieved this year as been on the lower end because of COVID but I'm glad I released a song and plan on releasing two more singles before I get to working on completing my album which I will release 2021.

What has been your biggest source of inspiration this year, while creating new music?

My biggest source of inspiration this year has easily come from all the chaos this year has provided from all the racial problems to a virus that locked all people away for at least 2 full months. So that can be expected in my next singles.



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