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Mackenzie Leigh Meyer Shares Her Dissatisfaction in a New Single, “Dial Tone”

Turning heads in the country music scene is singer-songwriter and recording artist Mackenzie Leigh Meyer who recently released her highly anticipated single, "Dial Tone."

After making her big debut in 2018, Mackenzie Leigh Meyer has been praised by industry veterans for her unique style and enchanting vocals. Her music has landed on stages like Boots and Hearts, Havelock Jamboree, Lucknow's Music in the Fields, and got her a finalist spot in the Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase.

Now releasing her playful and witty single, "Dial Tone," Mackenzie Leigh Meyer brings the utmost energy and charisma into this foot-stomping country tune. While demanding our attention with her comical attitude and skilled vocal stylings, Mackenzie Leigh Meyer's backing instrumentals liven the party to get us moving and grooving.

Expanding on the single, "Dial Tone," the track kicks off with a twangy banjo and a powerful rhythm guitar. As the warm percussion arrangements begin to tap through our speakers, Mackenzie Leigh Meyer jumps into her spiteful lyrical content of feeling dissatisfied with a man's uninteresting personality and self-centered ways.

We hear many vocal and attitude similarities to a 'Speak Now' Taylor Swift, as Mackenzie Leigh Meyer offers many playful and comical nods while getting her spicy lyrical theme across to listeners. We adore the blues/country instrumentals, as they give us all the energy to get down with this lively banger all night long. As Mackenzie Leigh Meyer grooves her way to the outro, she leaves us with nothing but an inner sense of independence.

Groove the night away with Mackenzie Leigh Meyer's latest hit, "Dial Tone," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Mackenzie Leigh Meyer. We adore the playful and confident vibe of your latest single, "Dial Tone." What inspired you to write a song about being uninterested in someone's dull ways?

Thank you! And I hate to say it but… experience lol. It seems I’ve been caught in many-a-conversations recently that I wished I could have “hung up on”, so to say. And my go-to way of pouring out my frustration is in the form of a song, so “Dial Tone” was born!

How did you want to make the listener feel after listening to the groovy instrumentals and playful lyrical content in "Dial Tone?” What did you want them to feel and experience?

Well, I definitely want the listener to have fun while listening to this track. It’s a playful party tune laced with sass, so I hope it makes people feel like having a good time or telling it like it is. If either one of those emotions pops up, then the song is doing what it’s supposed to.

Did you work with any producers or musicians to help bring "Dial Tone" to life? What was that process like behind the scenes?

Yes! This song would not be what it is without my producer Jeff Dalziel and co-writers Jesse Slack and Daryl Scott. They truly are a talented bunch. This song is a pandemic recording, so the behind-the-scenes secret is that every part was tracked separately from each musician’s home, and written over zoom. Very different from how I would normally go about bringing a song to life. But I’m thrilled with how Jeff made everything sound. It’s amazing what we can pull off over the internet these days.

Do you usually release such spirited and feel-good tracks like "Dial Tone?” Are confident and playful songs like this a usual occurrence for you?

Honestly, not really! Lol. I tend to fall under the “sad/chill” aesthetic when it comes to writing music. Which hey, I definitely love. But I’m happy that more upbeat stuff is coming out of me as well. It’ll be nice to have a fun party tune to play at shows and for people to sing along to. I guess all I needed was some real-life inspiration!


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