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Madam Who? Channels Granny’s Advice In Witty New Single, “Peter Meter”

Coming in hot from Maryland isn't your usual artist. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Madam Who? serves up a hot plate of grandma's 'sound' advice in her latest single, "Peter Meter."

Picture the brainchild of Lady Gaga, Olivia Rodrigo, and a splash of Gwen Stefani-fronted No Doubt. That's Madam Who?. Known as GenZ's cool aunt and gender-fluid indie rock star, she's no stranger to adversity. She overcame brain cancer and is here to share inspiring pop anthems for the underdogs, as highlighted in a segment in Good Morning America.

Her newest single and accompanying music video for "Peter Meter" is gut-punching, hilarious...and accurate. "The single was inspired by something my wealthy Grandmother said to me before my freshman year at college in Nashville," says Madam Who?. "In her Scarlet O'Hara-esque southern accent, she said, 'I been outta the datin' pool for some time now...and I was just wond'rin' bowyees still requiya that you have sex with them?'"

Now, she turned that experience into a comical anthem for anyone wondering why they haven't reeled in the love of their life. "Peter Meter" sees a playful back and forth between a granddaughter and her wise grandma Rita, who offers her granddaughter sound advice on how to keep a guy...happy. "It's time to tell you what I told your mother," she sings.

The answer? You need to feed his "Peter Meter." In the song's quirky music video, the granddaughter is hilariously horrified but continues to listen. As granny shows off some moves to win over a man, like shaking what your mama gave you, Madam Who? makes her way to the outro and guarantees that the one way to keep a man happy (as long as he hasn't been a jerk), is to take ol' granny's advice and feed that "Peter Meter."

We can't resist any tunes Madam Who? releases, and "Peter Meter" is no exception. Bust a gut and find the new song on all digital streaming platforms.


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