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Madd Ching’s Debut Single “Poseidon”

Hector Josue Colon (born November 14th, 1992) known professionally as Madd Ching, is an Latin American (Dominican) artist, singer, songwriter, and music engineer. Born in the Bronx, New York and raised in Deerfield Beach, FL. Ching began his hip hop career way before his debut single “Poseidon”. It’s release resulted on a management & artist development contract w/ MotorMouthMusicGroup. Ching was always around violence and drugs as well as love and pain, which contributes to the versatility in music, ranging  from hardcore rap to soft melodies and R&B music.

Okay this guy has a really cool flow! At first he reminded us of G-Eazy but we can hear his latin roots in the accent of his lyricism and it is so dope. He flips between singing and rapping and it works! Having the ability to do both can enhance a track in so many ways and he knew exactly what he was doing here. There is some sort of string or plucking or piano that is so delicate and just gives this track an extra edge by bringing in an r&b element. We can’t help but to head bob to this song with so many different tones an tempos to choose from. Madd Ching did his thing in “Poseidon”.

Listen to "Poseidon" here, and learn more about Madd Ching in our interview below!

Hey! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I go by the name of Madd Ching from Deerfield Beach, FL. Better known by many through out Broward County, FL as just Ching. I’m a songwriter, artist, and engineer.

How has where you’ve grown up influenced your music?

I come from a place where a lot of my peers don’t make it out. Grew up in poverty along w/ my siblings and the hard predicaments my mother was put through. I had to become, the man of the house at an early age. Even though I grew up tough I also learned empathy and compassion because, of my life's experiences. So you can hear my pain and how it influenced all of my music which allows me to be versatile artist.

What is the story behind this track Poseidon?

Poseidon” came about because I was experimenting with tones and I also wanted to incorporate real words to a hard melody. “I had to earn it the hard way just to put food on the stove”. -Madd Ching I’m basically saying I’ve actually had to put in work out here to get to where I am now. Nothing was given everything was earned. And how some friends are actually jealous of the minimal stature I’ve gained. But, it’s part of my process of becoming the artist I know I can and will be.

Favorite lyric from the song? Why? 

It’s actually like a 4 bar part to be honest and if goes “You don’t really wanna try that, when these, hollow tips hit your a** you ain’t fighting back I could, make a phone call them ni**as find that, they gone, pull up and shoot till you get flashbacks” I was Madd Ching at this moment no pun intended. The lyric comes from an alleged street incident that I heard occurred allegedly.

Which do you love more, rapping or singing? And why?

Again if I’m going to be honest that’s pretty hard to choose. Because, it really depends on my mood at the time but if I have to pick one. I’d say rapping because on stage that energy is addictive.

What can we expect to hear from you in the near future?

I’ll be releasing more love and heartbreak songs the rest of February. But, come March I’ll be back to dropping catchy melodies and more mosh rap songs. I’ve gotten good feedback in regards to one of my songs titled  “Who wants smoke?” available now on SoundCloud. Also, I’ll be filming and releasing my first music video soon, and lots of visuals that will explain why I’m so Madd.....Ching


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