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Maddie King Expands on a New and Passionate Relationship in, "Summer"

The British Vancouver-based singer-songwriter and recording artist Maddie King closes the season with a reflective and passionate single entitled "Summer."

Displaying incredible soul, uniqueness, and energy in each performance and release, Maddie King has landed her tunes in iconic venues like The Railway Club, The Roxy, and Guilt & Co. With two years of musical education under her belt, Maddie King is using her skillset and industry knowledge to flourish her blossoming solo career.

Drenching us in the savory sensations of summer love with her latest single, "Summer," Maddie King offers a bright and radiant performance while inevitably winning over listeners in the process.

As she explains her gratefulness for being by someone's side and establishing their passionate relationship, Maddie King makes the listening experience all the more intriguing with her upbeat instrumentals that leave us feeling refreshed and renewed.

Listening to "Summer," the track kicks off with a filtered and groovy electric guitar melody alongside harmonious piano melodies that lift the song into this bright and uplifting atmosphere. As Maddie King begins to melt our speakers with her warm and energetic vocals, she begins to elaborate on the new and fresh love that's equally as electrifying as it is addicting.

As she drops us into the energetic and feel-good hook, Maddie King and her brilliant instrumentals serenade us with a "too good to be true" sensation that's more than irresistible. As she continues chanting lyrics like "who knew we'd be here," Maddie King leads us towards the enthralling outro while closing the song on a deeply passionate and enamored note.

Close your "Summer" off right with help from Maddie King's latest hit, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Maddie King. We're incredibly impressed with the energy and passion you've delivered in your recent single, "Summer." What inspired you to create this feel-good release?

"Summer" was inspired by someone very near and dear to my heart. I'd previously never written any love songs before this one, as in some ways, they are more complex to write than more emotional songs. I'd also had been heartbroken a lot, so the only experience I mainly had in love was sadness and anger, haha. So when this person came into my life, I had these new feelings, and all these new words came to the surface. So once I started to write, there was no stopping!

Did you have any artistic influences in mind when navigating the sound and feel for the instrumentals within "Summer?"

I've always been a bit of a nerd when it comes to music, specifically its theory. So when I hear Modern Pop music using these jazz progressions and techniques, I get so excited. Artists like Silk Sonic and Dua Lipa have been doing this so well and replay in my music library. So I'm always looking to try and spice up my songs and mix my love of theory and modern music. I feel 'Summer' definitely executed that goal of mine and is taking my style of music in the right direction.

Was it easy for you to open your heart and write such passionate and loving lyrics for "Summer?" What was your songwriting process like?

There is a very fine line between writing a great love song and writing a very cheesy love song, haha. So finding that balance was quite a challenge for me, as I'm very much a perfectionist. When I first started writing, I was experiencing that 'Summer Love,' so it just so happened that the perfect words for me came running to the surface. The best kind of songwriting, in my opinion, comes from honest, personal stories, and I can honestly say that "Summer" captures the essence of what I was experiencing that summer and is also one of my favorite and best songs I've written thus far.

Did you team up with any producers, musicians, or engineers when crafting the instrumentals for "Summer?" Is there anyone you'd like to thank who helped bring the song to life?

I'm fortunate to have met my bass player and my self-titled 'Creative Assistant,' Jeremiah Gowen, as we've been working together since we met at school. We've been playing music together for about 2.5 years now, and he's been helping me figure out my sound. I usually send all my song ideas/demos to him, and together we start piecing all the puzzle pieces. He introduced me to my producer David Ziehr, who again is such a unique and talented human. He took my and Jeremiah's ideas and evolved the song into something I didn't even know I needed. Without those two, "Summer" would not be the song it is.

What general impact do you want your music to make on your audience? What do you want them to experience when listening to your music?

"Summer" is just such a light, feel-good song, so I hope that anyone who listens to it can feel that and can relate to it in their own lives. It's such a fun song to play live, too, with my band, so I'm looking forward to the energy it brings to shows. Much love was poured into "Summer," so I hope it does its job as music to bring people together and create the best connections.


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