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Maddy Hicks Is Done With The "Blazer Days," And Onto Something Better

New York-native singer/songwriter Maddy Hicks has been perfecting her artistic craft for almost a decade. Moving to Nashville, TN in 2018, Maddy Hicks planned to flourish her music career, all while obtaining her degree at Belmont University.

As a young woman, Maddy Hicks' music appeals to many other women as she often shares her various experiences that are extremely relatable. Emotions, feelings, and thoughts are intimately unraveled for her listeners, and Maddy Hicks has always proved that she isn't afraid of vulnerability, which is one phenomenal aspect of her artistic persona.

Maddy Hicks recently released her emotionally-stirring, pop-inspired single, "Blazer Days." With a sweet-sounding, innocent-like melody, "Blazer Days" carries youthful and fun-loving energy.

The vocal harmony that Maddy Hicks provides in "Blazer Days" is truly unmatched. She comfortably displays the true boundaries of her vocal pitch (and really, are there any boundaries for her?), and proves there's a special spot for her in today's music scene. The narrative in "Blazer Days" begins with Maddy Hicks explaining the complacency she allowed herself to endure for too long regarding the way she lived life. Suddenly, a certain individual enters her life, in which they allow her to explore the depths of her true heart and soul. Ultimately, this drives Maddy Hicks in being able to finally express her confident, wholesome self.

"Blazer Days" is Maddy Hicks' way to speak her profound truth. She exclaims there are no more "Blazer Days," as her freedom is soaring and an authentic flame has been lit. Overall, the song gives a beautiful storyline that inspires listeners to love themselves and understand that they're enough.

It also traveled into the theme of love, and a deeper sense of love in which a sole individual can encourage one to love themself in genuine regard. Maddy Hicks, you tugged on our heartstrings with "Blazer Days."

"Blazer Days" is now available on major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Maddy Hicks, and congratulations on your single release, "Blazer Days." What thoughts are circulating in your mind now that "Blazer Days" is released to the music world?

I'm really excited that this song is out! It feels like the perfect last track of the album, and it promotes self-love in a way that I'm really proud of. I've had some people tell me it's their favorite song of mine so far, and that makes me so happy.

What kind of feelings and/or thoughts were you hoping to project onto your listeners with the narrative in "Blazer Days?"

"Blazer Days" is all about learning to love yourself through loving someone else. I'm hoping that listeners can relate this to their lives and experiences and remember that they are incredible when they're being their most authentic selves. There's something so empowering about feeling loved enough to let your true colors show.

Would you say that "Blazer Days" was inspired by real events going on in your life? Where do you receive most of your inspiration and influence when it comes to writing your music?

Some of my inspiration comes from real-life experiences that I've had while other songs are inspired by ideas or the lives of others. "Blazer Days" is about my journey with self-love and learning to accept the love that is given to me. It's not about anyone specific, it's about everyone who has supported me and allowed me to be my true self throughout my life.

How does "Blazer Days" compare to past music you've released? How was it transitioning into more of a pop sound with this single?

This song is much more pop than anything on my previous album "The Bliss You Missed." As for my new album "Reclaiming," this single fits right in and feels like the perfect way to close the album. Its huge pop energy reminds me of how I'm growing as an artist. I'm really proud of this track and can't wait to keep evolving in this indie-pop direction!


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