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Madelyn Grant Soothes Our Souls With an Emotional Single, "Can't Get Out"

Floating in from Detroit, the heartfelt singer-songwriter and r&b artist Madelyn Grant releases a tender and soulful tune entitled "Can't Get Out."

As a featured artist, Madelyn Grant helped launch the careers of EDM acts like Odesza and FKJ through her brilliant and sweet vocal stylings. Continuously radiating depth, soul, and emotion whenever she's met with the microphone, Madelyn Grant truly embodies the harmonious aspects of classic, old-school, and contemporary r&b.

Expanding on her latest single, "Can't Get Out," Madelyn Grant tells a heartfelt and saddening story of forced changes within a relationship and attempting to break free from the chains. While the instrumentals and production glimmer with old-school r&b tones, Madelyn Grant truly transports us to simpler and more organic musical times through this tender piece.

Hitting play on "Can't Get Out," the single opens with Madelyn Grant's soothing vocal stylings alongside delicate drum patterns and lush keyboard melodies. While singing of the troubles she faces when attempting to break free from the chains of an unhealthy relationship, Madelyn Grant takes us through several lyrical scenes that are bound to relate with any listener.

Also touching on how she's forced to change and fit into a specific mold, Madelyn Grant has undoubtedly inspired countless listeners with the release of this single, as she reminds them to stand firm in their unique and individual ground. Reaching the outro through the bright and warm r&b instrumentals that sink us into reflection, we genuinely can't get enough of the soul and meaning behind this delicately created piece.

Find yourself enthralled by the serene stylings of Madelyn Grant, especially through her latest single, "Can't Get Out," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're head over heels for the soul and empowerment you've delivered within your single "Can't Get Out." What inspired you to write and create this piece?

I was inspired to write this piece during a time when I felt incredibly stuck and it feels even more relevant during this pandemic. The lyrics “can’t get out” refer to being limited by patterns in our mind, ones that hold us back and keep us from moving forward.

Do your songs usually reside within the organic and nostalgic tones of r&b, similar to the sounds of "Can't Get Out?"

Definitely! I was lucky to work with friends and collaborators who I knew could take the songs to the next level. I hired Tyler Duncan, known for his work with Theo Katzman and Vulfpeck, along with Woody Goss (Vulfpeck), James Cornelison, and Julian Allen to help me arrange and record the tunes. I was very inspired by Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, and Adele's approach to record making. I wanted to make music that is timeless.

How did you want your listeners to react and feel after listening to the emotional and relatable lyricism you've written for "Can't Get Out?"

I want listeners to be able to take time and reflect and look inward. I'm hoping this song can offer up a feeling of connection and relatability. A lot of us are struggling with our mental health during these challenging times. It's so important to know that you're not alone!

You've collaborated with some of the biggest names in EDM. How did those past collaborations help you in your journey as an artist?

My past collaborations with ODESZA and FKJ helped me tremendously to find my path as an artist and songwriter. I'm so thankful for the experiences of going on tour with Emancipator and performing with FKJ because it fortified the fact that I wanted to keep pursuing music, and ultimately inspired me to start recording my own music.

I can't wait for people to hear the new music off the EP!

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

As someone who grew up in metro Detroit, I was raised on Motown music. Motown helped me find my voice as a singer. I started off singing in choir in middle school, and eventually, it led me to auditioning for solos and duets. My first duet was "Respect" by Aretha Franklin and I performed with my best friend. It was the catalyst for many more years of singing and performing. I wanted my first project to honor the Motown sounds of Detroit, but also put my own spin on classic soul music and create a modern soul and R&B record.

Photo Credit: Joe Cavanaugh

Artwork: Sebi White / Quinn Faylor


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