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Magdalia Takes Us Back to, "The House on Stanley"

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, singer-songwriter and recording artist Magdalia sings of unforeseen changes in a lush and soothing new single, "The House on Stanley."

Holding a profound passion for storytelling, Magdalia is most known for writing words and lyrics that evoke deep emotions in the listener while sending them into a freit train of thought. Her sound is often compared to the likes of Florence & the Machine, Sia, Catie Turner, and Dido.

Stirring our emotions with her latest single, "The House on Stanley," listeners are able to introduce themselves to the soothing sounds of Magdalia and her in-depth storytelling through this delicate and highly emotional piece. As Magdalia questions why things must change, she gently serenades us over her sole acoustic guitar to make the experience all the more personal and intimate.

Listening to "The House on Stanley," the song peacefully opens with Magdalia's soft acoustic guitar strums and her unique vocal stylings that tell the story of a kind woman and the impact she made on the young singer-songwriter. Within seconds of this piece, we feel compelled to keep listening and get to know more of the woman that's had such an influence on Magdalia's life.

As Magdalia continues to question why things must change and how we can't be too comfortable with our surroundings, she goes deeper with lyrics that expand on the new memories being made in "The House on Stanley." There's a saying that goes, 'when a writer loves you, you are immortalized,' and that's precisely what Magdalia has done with this emotional piece.

Feel your heart flutter with help from Magdalia's latest single, "The House on Stanley," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Magdalia, we're so impressed with the emotion and storytelling lyricism you've placed into your single, "The House on Stanley." Who or what inspired this emotional and reminiscent piece?

Thank you so much! The song was inspired by the sudden loss of a family member in 2018 and the process of dealing with the grief that followed. I tried to write about it for at least a year and nothing came until I started reflecting on my memories of that person and the house she lived in. I realized that for me the two were intertwined and that’s what got the song going.

Why did you choose to keep the instrumentation so minimal within "The House on Stanley?" How does your solo acoustic guitar enhance the song's emotion?

I wanted the story to be at the forefront of the song and didn’t want it to be too overwhelming sonically. I felt that the solo guitar reflected the loneliness that is often felt in grief; it is something you have to process for yourself.

Could you expand on your songwriting process for "The House on Stanley?" How long did it take for you to write your lyrics? Did you face any challenges when writing such emotional words?

Initially, I couldn’t write anything that I felt did justice to my feelings and my loved ones because I was still going through a lot of my own emotions. At the start of this year, I began reflecting on my memories with her and her home just kept standing out to me. Once I latched on to the concept the lyrics and melody came pretty quickly. The first few times I was singing the song I really struggled to get through it because I felt so emotional, but I think that’s how I knew it was the right song for me and her.

Seeing that "The House on Stanley" is your sophomore single, how can listeners get to know you and your sound/style through your first two releases?

Both ‘The House on Stanley’ and my debut single ‘Shy to Shine’ focus heavily on storytelling and this is a theme I tend to stick with when writing. I think listeners will be able to hear a true authenticity in my work because of this and can learn a lot about me just these two songs. I hope to keep bringing more of myself out in my music.

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