Mags' Cover That You Can't Afford to Miss: "Light of a Clear Blue Morning" By Dolly Parton

Mags is a Nashville based country artist originally from Ireland. Since starting her career she has toured 42+ countries and with highlights at the White House and being on stage with Ms. Dolly Parton. Recently Mags has released her cover of Ms. Dolly Parton's "Light of a Clear Blue Morning" and the Mags twist of this classic something that everyone should look out for. This record features an ambient fiddle, heavy thundering drums, a musical riffy banjo, chugging along with acoustic guitar, subtle flairs of synth plucks, and Mags incredible bold voice. Everything about this record feels happy and energetic, the vocal performance, in particular, is something that will catch your ear.

Mags' voice feels sophisticated and strong but also in a beautiful light way that is very soothing to listen to. The instrumental parts in this all sound full and were incredibly well done; the drums are incredibly punchy and sound larger than life, the fiddle has an amazing ambient ethereal atmosphere to it, and the guitars spark little flairs here and there. All of the instrument parts beautifully leave space for Mags vocals The release of this cover also comes with an incredibly feel-good video that shows the farming life that Mags has and how that's parts of her roots. The scenes transition from different parts of the farm to being in the city and enjoying time with friends and family. 

Be sure to check out this release here.