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Mags McCarthy Brings a Fun Approach to the Music Scene Today With "Emotional Honesty"

Regenerating country artist Mags McCarthy is bringing a fun approach to the music scene today. Raised in Country Cork, Ireland, Mags McCarthy has always had that inner desire to pursue music, which landed her in Nashville to continue synthesizing her artistry. We smile almost instantly we listen to Mags McCarthy, mainly because her energy is just so addicting! The power she puts into her tracks regarding that notable energy transfers incredibly easy to listeners (at least for us it did!). One thing we appreciate about Mags McCarthy's music is the fact she isn't just a country artist who focuses on that energetic and electric atmosphere--she provides other heart-filled ballads that add to her array of curative ambiances. A notable characteristic of Mags McCarthy's music presents itself throughout her sound. She's an artist who doesn't put her entire focus into the country scene, as she ensures the blending of other Irish/Pop/Rock elements. As you follow along with the story of Mags, you'll feel warmed to the heart, and enjoy listening along to such a humbling artist! One of her most recent releases, "Emotional Honesty", highlights more country elements than others, and takes listeners on an eccentric adventure!

"Emotional Honesty" takes on that refreshing approach to the Country music scene we mentioned Mags McCarthy applies earlier. Written by David M. Ross and Steve O-Brien, "Emotional Honesty" is performed extremely well by Mags, as she's able to hold the very essence of what the song encapsulates very well. Mags McCarthy uses contemporary stylings to her utmost disposal and creates a rejuvenating ambiance within her songs. "Emotional Honesty" isn't any different, and you'll easily catch this aspect of MAgs McCarthy's music just by giving a listen to this particular track. There truly is an appreciation you can have with the way Mags McCarthy goes about curating her sound. Regarding production, "Emotional Honesty" involves a robust beat, combined with other instrumentals that provide more of that prominent country-sounding effect. Delving deeper beyond the surface, "Emotional Honesty" tells a pivotal story on the truth behind being honest and the emotions that follow. We get to follow along with the thoughts of Mags McCarthy, which are in themselves, pure as can be.

Listen to "Emotional Honestly" here.



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