Make Out Monday Releases New Single "Bullet For Your Sweetheart"

Make Out Monday is an alternative rock and pop punk band formed out of Los Angeles, CA. Comprised of brothers Jeremy and Zack Shada, Seth Renken, and John Spicer. Make Out Monday has been performing and creating music since 2014, playing at Comic Cons and other venues around the world, from the U.S. to the U.K., and even Australia and the Philippines. Initially merging Jeremy’s solo project with Zack and Seth’s rock duo, the group has evolved into an energetic fusion of pop punk and alternative rock, achieving praise for their well-crafted lyrics and their pedal to the medal stage presence.

The band released their new single “Bullet For Your Sweetheart” and showcased their advent bold personality alongside their creative intelligence for all you visual lovers out there! With individual distinctive voices all meshed together perfectly to create a riveting rock n roll unison, Make Out Monday displays a gritty side to charismatic harmonies. The video to the song was my favorite. I loved the whole concept and their ability to connect with the storyline made it even better. I can assure you this single will have you jamming out on your radios and be influenced by the culture of pop punk! This band is no stranger to pleasing an audience since they made the right impressions to have them signed to Sharptone records! Check out “Bullet For Your Sweetheart” off their new album Visions of Hollywood” and follow them on their journey!

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