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Make Sure Your Lines Are Cleared, 'SMS,' From ETA Hits Ambient Waves

ETA shed their artistic dynamism in the realm of Hip-Hop and R&B. This trio is composed of Rapper Tyler on Demand, Singer and Songwriter, Alexandre Henri, and Producer/Engineer, Emiltheproducer.

Their most recent project, 'SMS,' is their culmination of summer under wraps and under pressure. With nothing but plenty of time to share stories in the studio, this body of work displays their experiences first hand.

The production of, 'SMS,' remains on the top of the totem as Emiltheproducer sets emotional tones in the instrumentation that he crafts. Carrying heavy waves of sentiments forth, the unique creations that he brings to life allow Tyler On Demand and Alexandre Henri to develop their sounds in an imaginative manner as their collective put out relatable content that can have you grooving to any mood.

Sharing the spotlight amongst these three Kings, each individual has their time to shine as they seamlessly fuse together. “Skip To My Lou,” “Rewind,” and “Cynthia,” “Anna May Interlude,” have us caught up in Tyler On Demand’s lyrical dexterity in place with raw talents. Taking the cake for his clever one-liners displayed in the upbeat pulsations of high energy atmosphere has us on the edge of our seat as we take in each word shed.

Tipping the scales of modern Hip-hop with a twist, the alluring setting of “Crimea,” “Locus,” and “Rafters,” cascades upon Alexandre Henri’s reverberated resonance in a sizzling life like grasp. With a profound pep in his step, he rings bells with the way he delves into each harmonious note.

We sonically glide through the rollercoaster of life as tracks like, “I Do,” “No More,” and “Red Wine,” captivate us with the mesmerizing tones set in a Contemporary R&B soundscape. Sweet and dominant vocalizations touching on the themes of love and lust pair with enticing instrumentations that have us feeling smooth and sizzling ambiances in the depths of, 'SMS.'

Overall, the themes that ETA weighed in on, showcase who they truly are as individuals outside of their artistry as well. With tasteful content that still pushes boundaries, we hear the burning passion and desire that went into each song on the tracklist of, 'SMS.'

The trio of ETA merges together for a triumphant method of storytelling that floats upon clever thoughts, heartfelt moments, and expressive melodies. As they delve into their summer with a copious amount to show for it, 'SMS,' is a project that transports us to what happens when hard-work meets dedication.

Dominant vocalizations share dynamic limelight with the eloquent singings shed as each member takes the time to share their perspective with the audience. With Emiltheproducer on the beat creating extraordinary canvases for these vocalists and emcees to paint upon, we see each brushstroke that went into crafting the foundation, structure, and finishing touches.

As these three artists continue to establish their name, it is bright and clear that they glisten on their own and in a trio. Catering to a wide audience with their vast talents, these three share a certain dynamism that you don’t see everywhere you go. Making their way to the top in a respective manner, there is no doubt about it, you’ll see plenty more of ETA as they have only shared a sliver of what they have to offer the world.

Hello ETA, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of, 'SMS.' Touching on numerous moods throughout the project, what was the ultimate ambiance like when creating this album?

I started making the record fresh off of an exciting, fulfilling, painful, and confusing relationship that ended with me leaving the country I had lived in for 4 years. The last year and a half or so drove me to reflect on self-worth and the sacrifices we make in our search for acceptance, love, all that stuff. I came into every session with that context in mind. This context, mixed with friendship-building conversations, red wine, and apple E&J, lead to the final product you can listen to today.

What’s your origin story? How did the three of you become ETA and how has the process with one another been so far?

Moved from Toronto to Boston. Reconnected with Tyler on Demand after seeing online that he started making music. We created a 3 track EP in our first session together Emiltheproducer and I fit in an EP during the SMS sessions as well. I came to Boston hoping to find collaborators and happened to find two incredible ones in Emil The Producer and Tyler on Demand.

What would you like your listeners to take away from the themes and messages that you send out in your music?

People seldom owe you anything, if ever. This was my conclusion in creating and finishing this record; another person cannot make you better, happier, or otherwise. Peace comes from within.

Out of all ten tracks on 'SMS,' do each of you have a specific track that resonates with you the most?

Red Wine. A groovy, liberating, versatile song.

What has been the biggest takeaway for you as a group in 2020?

Collaboration is powerful. You may move faster alone, but you move further together.


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