Making Her Debut, the Energetic Cheyenne Parmley is Here to Turn Heads

Country singer and mother of two boys, Cheyenne Parmley hails from Kentucky as she continuously explores her creative avenues in music.

Being a small-town girl who has worked with numerous people who accomplished wonderful things, Cheyenne Parmley is grateful for the experience. Living life to the fullest, she firmly believes that ‘life is so short, and we only get one. It’s so important to make the most of it.’

Being selected to participate in the Breakout Artist program at Off the Row Studio in Franklin, Tennessee, Cheyenne Parmley was given her chance to release her enigmatic debut single into the world titled, “I Can’t Stay Away from You.”

Collaborating with the multi-talented Stephony Smith, and Melba Montgomery in order to produce such an enticing product, Cheyenne Parmley is amplifying her voice as she puts her best foot forward.

Recording with a professional band in the studio, we hear a top-tier result as each element effortlessly fuses together in an explosive impact. The grippingly raw passion that oozes from the unapologetic timbres from Cheyenne Parmley is undeniable. Her sounds border a vastly mature resonance for this to be a debut single. The way that she exudes her vocals in a merciless manner has us clutching on to the edge of our seats as we take in her mind-altering performance.

The composition as a whole contains the perfect balance of grit meets Country and Pop in this seamless fusion that calls itself, “I Can’t Stay Away From You.” Pulling us all into her gravity-defying buoyancy, Cheyenne Parmley has made quite the mark with her debut in the music industry.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cheyenne Parmley, and congratulations on your debut release of “I Can’t Stay Away from You.” What was the process like when fashioning your first single to put forth to the public?

I was approached by an A&R rep for Off The Row Studio in Franklin Tennessee and entered into their Breakout Artist Program. I recorded two singles, with an amazing band and producer. The writers of this song are Stephony Smith and Melba Montgomery. I have been a Stephony Smith fan for years. Stephony has written some iconic number one hits such as “Big Star” and “It's Your Love.” Melba is most known for her hit duet with George Jones. They poured their classic talent into the lyrics of this song and it shines through as a classic country. The band that I was fortunate enough to work with has also played for some of the top names in country music. Grammy winner Mark Prentice, who played bass and keyboard on my song, has worked with Johnny Cash, Lady A, and many more. The drummer, Matt Bubel is the former drummer for Kip Moore. The guitarist is Danny Parks who has worked with Blake Shelton and Brooks and Dunn. My Producer is P.T. Houston, who was the engineer on one of my favorite songs, “If Your Going Through Hell” by Rodney Adkins. He has produced many more songs and was a dream to work with.

Could you please take us into the meaning of this track? What does this single mean to you?

“I Can't Stay Away From you” is the perfect love song and totally relatable. It's about that person that comes in and sweeps you off your feet and you can't let them go.

This single means everything to me. Every minute I have put into music is finally paying off and I am so grateful to be able to share it with the world.

What is the main message that you’re sending out to your listeners as an artist?

I am a momma from a small town, who grew up with, not a lot. I stopped singing for years while I raised my kids as a stay-at-home mom, I lost a lot of confidence in myself and topped singing. My Brothers surprised me one day with all-new recording equipment and showed me that people still believe in me. It's so important for me to show other moms, especially small-town moms, that you can follow your dreams and still be an amazing mom. Also that no matter where you come from and who you know, you matter and you can make it!

Is there anything that you would have done differently, or something that you hope to keep consistent for your future releases?

I am very proud of everything I have accomplished with my first release. I am excited to work with the band and studio again on my next release!

What's next for you?

I have another single to be released in a couple of months that I wrote with the staff writer at the studio, Sarah Morey, called “ Grace and Grit.” It's a song about who I am as a woman and I think it will help people to understand me as a person and artist.