Malcolm Hazel Makes Metal-Rock Debut Releasing “Big Brother”

From the small suburb of Pennsauken, NJ, just across the bridge from Philadelphia, PA, solo rock artist Malcolm Hazel is turning heads across the globe with his debut single, “Big Brother.” His unique style of hard rock/alternative metal is reminiscent of the 70s/80s, but is also influenced by modern pop and classical music. Although this is his first release, Malcolm’s musical background is extensive. He has played in various original projects and cover bands consistently since the age of 10. After many years of trial and error, and bandmates with other things to do, Malcolm decided it was time to give it a go as a solo artist. In just a few short months, Malcolm Hazel has attracted quite a bit of attention on Instagram; taking requests and being featured on large pages like University of Rock and Guitars Are Better. He plans to keep the momentum going by releasing one new single every month through the end of the year, leading up to a full-length album and tour.

“Big Brother” is a new hard-hitting track laced with elements that Malcolm is best known for. The rhythmic and heavy textures layered with experimental melodies and grooves are what set this track apart in the music industry. Pulling inspiration from his diverse influences, “Big Brother” bleeds through the speakers with high energy confidence and intense strength. The chemistry Malcolm has with music becomes clear when you hear the finely-tuned production quality and precise fusion of musical arrangements. “Big Brother” is a track that anyone can listen to and relate to. The emotion and soul behind this track are admirable and leaves us craving more! Stay on the lookout for Malcolm Hazel!

Check out “Big Brother” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Malcolm! Welcome to BuzzMusic. How did you originally get started making music? 

Hey, thanks for having me! It's an honor to speak with you. So to go way back, I remember there was one day that I decided I didn't want to watch Barney because I discovered an old guitar that was lying around the house. It seemed like a fun new toy so I started banging around on that here and there for a few years. I began electric guitar lessons when I was about 10. At about that same time, I formed a band with some classmates and we called ourselves The Rubber Band. I've been going non-stop ever since!

We loved your track “Big Brother”. Can you dive into more details about the meaning of the lyrics? What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

As a songwriter, there are times when you just feel like you are about to write something, even when you have no idea what you’re about to write. On the day of writing this, I found myself wandering aimlessly through Walmart with no intention of buying anything, and scrolling through social media observing the world and looking for something to spark inspiration. Then it just hit. I heard the melody and the “I’m Your Big Brother” line that starts the song off. At that point, I was in character and off to the races with writing. I almost feel like the song was already written and I just grabbed it out of thin air. It was all done in one night. When I woke up the next morning, I knew I had written something but couldn’t remember what. I sat down to eat breakfast and read through the pages that were scattered all over the table. There it was! Usually, after a late night writing session there will be parts that need editing or rewriting, but that was not the case on this one. I was a little scared by it at first, but I feel like this song is very relevant to the times we live in. It is not meant to be taken too literally or seriously, it’s actually quite comical. I hope you enjoy!

What is your writing process like when curating a new song? How do you know when it’s truly finished? 

My writing process is different every time. Sometimes the music comes first, sometimes the lyrics. Prior to music or lyrics there's usually some concept or idea that I want to paint a picture of. Generally, it is a concept that I am feeling some amount of dissatisfaction with. I don't generally write about things that make me happy. There's usually some sort of battle that goes on throughout the course of a song, but by the end we overcome struggles, defeat demons, and emerge victorious. On that front, I know the song is finished when the story has been told and we have emerged victorious. Although, I'm also a big believer in the idea that a song is never truly finished, as the initial recording and writing of it are really just the beginning of its life. That's the beauty of live performance. A song can always evolve!

What’s your stage presence like?

I've been told my energy is "infectious." I don't get to move around a whole lot as I'm sort of stuck to the microphone, but that doesn't really take away anything. In fact, it actually allows me to put even more energy into the performance.

What’s next for you through the end of 2019?

I plan on releasing a new single every month through the end of the year. That will be followed by a full length album and tour at some point in 2020.


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