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Malcom Rose's New Hit Is Guaranteed To Make You “Move”

Malcom Rose hails from Ontario, Canada. Starting out his love for music at a young age, he spent lots of time in his basement listening to his fathers old records. At age 10, Malcom accumulated a love for literature and wrote poems and short stories in his free time. Shortly after a friend suggested that he put his energy into songwriting and before he knew it, he had three songs written ready to record! Taking time to build the funding for his project he was able to release his first EP. Now releasing a new single called “Move” that shows a different side of Malcom, creating diversity within his artistry.

This upbeat funk definitely is a groove! We really enjoyed this song! "Move" comes in really soft and then the guitar comes in and the beat drops. PHENOMENAL!  I love how this is really a fun song. I can see a visual for it already. I love how it has this funk undertone of sounds. The production gives each of these sounds it’s own individual platform allowing each one to be heard and felt without taking away from the vocalist. If anything it enhances his vocals. Lyricism is on point as well, you can tell his writing and creative process comes naturally as you listen. Malcom Rose has been keeping us on our feet, hit after hit and we can't wait to hear what's next!

Listen to Malcoms' new song "Move" here and be sure to add it to your favorite playlists!

Hello there! If you don’t mind would you introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm just someone who fit in but never felt like they belonged. I had a lot of people throughout my life tell me I was going to be nothing. I struggled for a long time trying to find something that made me happy and made me feel like a had a purpose. Something that felt right, that felt that it was me and nothing brings me more joy then when I listen to a song and say I made that. In the end of the day I know ill most likely always be seen as a misfit but I don't care, because I may be a misfit but I'm a misfit that is following his dream.

Who would you say helps influence your sound?

I love music, it doesn't matter the genre anything that can make you feel a certain way by just listening to it is incredible. I try to use many different influences from different genres and blend them together to find the right sound for what I want for that particular song. As far as artists go I will say that Jon Bellion, Logic and The Weeknd are big influences for me. As well depending the song I like to let people around me have a say and make them apart of the process.

Could you give us some insight to the track “Move”?

I wrote "Move" hoping for it to be a type of experience like a vacation. So that when the listener hear it they feel like they're on beach or at summer party, something fun and light that they can just relax and enjoy the time. They can dance to it or just chill. The way I wrote the lyrics was to display the raw subconscious frame of mind of a young man seeing a beautiful girl and letting her know how highly he thinks of her and telling her the fairytale of a life he wants to give her.

Where do you see yourself going with your music in the next five years?

In 5 years I hope to be on tour with a record deal or as an independent artist depending the circumstances. To have my 3 album in the works with more to come and to hopeful be involved in creating a brand or cinematic feature.

Where can fans and new fans find you and your music?

Fans and readers can find me on Instagram @malcom_rose89 always happy to communicate and interact with fans and listeners. As far as my music You can find it on Spotify, AppleMusic and all other streaming platforms.


Connect with Malcom Rose on Instagram.


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