Mali Ama Gets Right to the Point With Her Debut “Big Bang”

If someone gives you a gift, you should use it,” says Mali Ama, the Atlanta, GA talented R&B/ Hip Hop artist. Today, we are happy she listened to her calling because she brings us the shortest banger of all time with Big Bang! 

Clocking in at only 1 minute and 26 seconds, “Big Bang” is enough to show you how much talent Mali Ama has to work with. The song starts out with a beat and rhythm that is reminiscent of somewhere between Jimmy Hendrix and Adele. Strange, I know, but you have to trust us. It’s super unique! When her vocals come in, you aren’t just taken back by her aggressively sexual vocals, but the vocal performance is honestly out of this world. Definitely an easy attention grabber with her explicit lyrics and her God-given talent to sing. As well as her amazing vocal talents, she self-produced this track and I think the short track has something to do with this. It’s always nice when an artist is starting because they can create with no biased in mind, nothing to outdo or anything to follow up. It’s pure, and it’s unique. 

Speaking to the brand, the single artwork paints your eyes with what your ears will hear. The best part, she also takes care of all of her visuals! Mali Ama is amazing, she’s talented and she’s here to stay. Go follow her on everything, you know we are. 

Listen to "Big Bang" here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us here at Buzz Music! You have only been doing this for a couple of years, but your production work is amazing. Did you have any mentors in the production/songwriting realm?

Thank you for the compliment! I wouldn't say I had a mentor in production, however,  me listening to music carefully, I don't listen to lyrics first when I hear a song I listen to the beat and trying it myself on my phone using Garage Band really showed me I can produce my own work. Going to SAE in Atlanta for audio engineering and singing in the GSU choir really honed in my skills.


“Big Bang” is short, but says what it needs to say. Was there any thought to extend the song?

Nowadays, most songs are 2 minutes or less. After hearing Summer Walker 'Last Day of Summer' project and Solange's latest project 'When I Get Home', most of their songs are like 1 minute. 

I was like if they can get to the point in less than 2 minutes why can't I? What were my thoughts creating Big Bang, keep it short and sweet? Plus, I think it makes you want to listen to it more, being so short. 

What is your vision for the new music you are working on? I know it’s short, but I feel like you have created an atmosphere with “Big Bang”. 

Well, I had a debut EP titled 'God Vs. Men' on all platforms released July 2018, however it was taken down this spring due to issues with my distributor. It's still on my SoundCloud though, privately, I may make it public again on SoundCloud. I had liked to call it alternative R&B. 

I personally listen to a broad spectrum of music; from Hip-Hop to Classical music, so I don't want to limit my music to just one genre. However, I'm currently working on a pop-ish/R&B single, set to release in January 2020. I have a Hip-Hop EP that I co-produced with a pretty dope producer name BNova that I'm holding onto for the right moment. 

How has growing up in the Atlanta music community influenced you and how do you think it compares to more prominent music cities, such as LA and NYC?

Being an Atlanta native this city has definitely influenced my sound tremendously! I still emerge with a signature sound of my own. Intact with my Atlanta roots I incorporate those typical trap beat backgrounds banging 808’s, spattering high hats and floating synths every time into my music. Having my mom raise me and my sisters and her being from NYC, I feel like I was fortunate enough to blessed with a different approach to music. We grew up listing to QUEEN, Musiq Soulchild, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Celine Dion. When I had a chance to start listening to what I want it was Beyonce, Usher, Destiny Child, Ashanti, and The Dream to name a few. That rawness, hip hop sounds from New York to the trap central in Atlanta brought up a well diverse artist.

I haven't been to LA,  so I don't know what the music scene is like up there.  

When can we hear more? You are leaving us hanging big time!

Expect to hear new music from me starting January 2020 and every month after that!