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Malik Up's the Stakes With, "Expectations"

Reigning from Fort Worth, Texas, Malik puts on his creative cap as an actor, singer, songwriter, and producer. This multifaceted artist is no stranger to the limelight. Going to his first audition at the young age of 3 and writing his first song at 13, he hasn't stopped the momentum since. Sharing the highs and lows of his story with his vastly growing fan base, Malik stays serenading his audience in Contemporary R&B grooves.

"Expectations," is the first single off of his fourth studio album, 'A New Day.' Diving into deep-rooted themes of having an adult conversation before entering a relationship, this track is merely a glimpse of the album's collected works and messaging that revolves around becoming an adult and gaining independence. The lively and infectious grooves pumping from this single have us snapping along to the beat as the chopped sample of beloved horns plays the starring role in this mesmerizing instrumentation. Malik has a tender vocal delivery that swoops you off your feet and into his gentle embrace as he sprinkles his talents all over each harmony shed in "Expectations."

The manner in which his vocals cascade upon the lush arrangement is nothing short of brilliant. It's as if the two were made to mesh as one seamlessly. Flaunting his artistic talents with vocal runs and an unmatched swagger, Malik takes the cake for the entire quintessence of the intoxicating melodies shed in this single. As we sink into our seats a little bit more, we stay enthralled with the nostalgic 90's R&B component that he graces so effortlessly. With Malik adding his contemporary twist, we have high "Expectations" of his album, 'A New Day.'

Congratulations on the release of your first single off the new album, 'A New Day.' We really got into the swing of this song while listening. What moment or story inspired the creation of this single?

Thanks for having me, I’m glad everyone is enjoying the song. “Expectations” is really about having the “what are we” conversation before you get too invested. I was reflecting on mistakes in past relationships, and as the perpetually single friend it’s also taken from conversations with friends who are having relationship problems, all of which seem to stem from a lack of communication, so I wrote the song from that perspective.

Could you please share what the creative process looked like when bringing, “Expectations” to life?

I actually created the beat for another artist, the project got shelved so I adjusted the tempo, added the arpeggio, and added the background harmony that holds down the melody. I love funk-inspired sounds and whenever I’m working on a project no matter how hard I try to avoid them I can’t, they just come to me. The chorus was the first part of the song I wrote and once I had a solid concept the song flowed pretty quickly, I think I wrote the whole song in a few hours, then rewrote it and recorded it.

With having such an extensive background in music, what has been the best piece of advice that you have received along the way of your journey?

The biggest piece of advice I’ve received would be don’t be afraid to fail. You're not going to get it right the first, second, or even third time. The goal is to keep trying, keep evolving and keep getting better. There’s also never a perfect time, if I would have waited for a record deal, manager, or producer I wouldn’t have learned any of the things I know now, sometimes experience is the best teacher.

What do listeners have in store as they prepare to take in, 'A New Day?'

'A New Day' is an album focused on independence and newfound confidence. 2020 was a wild ride for most people and I’m not excluded from that. I went through 4 jobs thanks to covid layoffs and general unhappiness. I moved into my first apartment, lost my grandmother, fired my acting agent, canceled a string of concerts, and lost 20lbs. My last project didn’t do as well as I’d hoped, and I really considered quitting. 'A New Day' is about finding the strength to keep going, adapting to change, and realizing you're as good as the amount of work you put in.

What is the main message you hope your listeners take away from you and your music?

I hope listeners get a sense of authenticity and honesty. Since I write every song it’s always coming from a genuine place, whether I’m talking about relationship issues or partying. Whenever someone says they can relate to what I’m talking about in my music or in any acting role I’m portraying, I feel like I’ve done my job. Prayer, hard work, and perseverance can get you very far.


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