Mama Cleo Releases New Hit Single "Whatever Mama Wants"

Mama Cleo is an eccentric electro pop funk artist based out of LA. She writes and produces songs about unique subjects, some of which include exploring the phenomenon of bipolar disorder and the coming of age of adolescents. Her mission is to make the world dance, question and change culture and her encourage her following which she calls “babies” to be their unique selves.

Mama Cleo's latest single “Whatever Mama Wants” is her take on the Sara Vaughan rendition of the jazz track, “Whatever Lola Wants”. Mama Cleo adds a spicy mix of sultry vocals and features a cool Latin beat. The track is very sultry due to the vocals and the lyrics, it’s very blunt and has a demanding tone to it. The track can easily be used for a dance song due to its hard driving beats and catchy chorus. Mama Cleo definitely has a quirkiness to her sound which is in part because of her distinctive almost theatrical vocals. If you like Marina and Diamonds and Lana Del Rey, you will love Mama Cleo. All in all, her and her music allow you to feel empowered and happy with who you are as a person embarrassing your individuality. The topics that she writes and sings about should also be noted because of the depth that it really has. Make sure to check the track out on Soundcloud!

Listen to Mama Cleo's new single "Whatever Mama Wants" here.

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