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Mandi Crimmins Amplifies Vulnerability in an Emotional Single, "Anyone But Me"

The Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist and singer-songwriter Mandi Crimmins brings listeners into the depths of her emotions with a vulnerable single, "Anyone But Me."

Using her vulnerability and insecurities to fuel the fire that blazes her music over old and new fans, Mandi Crimmins is truly a force to be reckoned with. Through her dynamic pop instrumentals and sonics, Mandi Crimmins is able to hold the weight of her emotions and deeply personal lyrics to introduce senses of drama and danger into our contemporary alt-pop scene.

Recently releasing her vulnerable and emotional single, "Anyone But Me," Mandi Crimmins delves into her inner thoughts of wishing to change while soaring alongside her dynamic and powerful instrumentals. We honestly can't get enough of Mandi Crimmins' dreamy vocal tones, as she's able to sink us into reflection through her soothing tones while switching it up in an instant through her powerful belts.

Listening to "Anyone But Me," the track opens with a plucky and hazy electric guitar and a deep bassline. As Mandi Crimmins makes her way in, she sets the song's emotional tone through lyrics that explain her desire to be different, less intense, and less contemplative. As the instrumentals begin to expand, we're met with the powerhouse hook that takes us back to the days where Paramore ruled our speakers.

We absolutely adore Mandi Crimmins' emotion within this track, as her dynamic vocals perfectly embody this mentally broken state that any listener is sure to relate to. As the song comes to an end, Mandi Crimmins leaves us with her angelic and transcendent background vocals while letting us know that she would change, only if she could.

Find a piece of yourself in Mandi Crimmins' latest emotional single, "Anyone But Me," now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, MandiCrimmins. We'd like to start by saying how much we appreciate the relatable themes within your recent single, "Anyone But Me." What inspired you to create such a vulnerable and emotional song like this?

Thanks for having me! This song is definitely one of my most personal, so I’ve been really elated to hear it’s relatable to others as well. I was inspired to write this song during quarantine last year. That was the first time in a very long time that I was alone with myself and unable to distract myself from being constantly busy, so the self-realizations that came from that quiet alone time were overwhelming at first.

Was it challenging to open up and be so vulnerable when writing your lyrics for "Anyone But Me?" Did you have to do some inner-reflecting during this process?

It seems like it would be a challenge to be as open and vulnerable as those lyrics are, but truthfully writing is my way of processing my feelings so it’s very therapeutic and flows out easily.

What inspired the dynamic and nostalgic instrumentals for "Anyone But Me?" Did you have any artistic influences in mind when forming the sonic atmosphere?

I got to create the soundscape for this song with my insanely talented producer, Bruce Wiegner. We really wanted the song to have an edgy high-energy vibe to juxtapose the lyrics a bit, so we drew inspiration from a favorite band of mine PVRIS. He’s crazy talented and we were on the same page throughout the whole process.

Does your brand usually consist of deeply emotional and vulnerable songs like "Anyone But Me?" How do you want your listeners to react to singles like this?

Yes, it does! I tend to feel things very intensely and it can get loud up there in my head, so I write songs to make sense of it all. I love when my listeners tell me how relatable the messages in my songs are and that it made them feel less alone.

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