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Manny Hyuga Releases First Three Tracks From His Forthcoming Debut Album

Colorado-based guitarist, singer-songwriter, and jazz/alternative recording artist Manny Hyuga releases his first three singles, "sweet honey," "Sanctuary.," and "attraction," off his forthcoming debut album.

The 21-year-old recording artist always tries to unveil never-before-heard chord progressions through techniques he learned in smokey basement jazz sessions around Tokyo. Splitting the time between his artistry and engineering classes, Manny Hyuga's solo career is just beginning, and we're more than happy to feature such a driven and explorative young artist like himself.

Manny Hyuga recently announced his forthcoming untitled debut album, which will feature the three wavy lead singles, "sweet hunny," "Sanctuary.," and "attention." Each song holds a specific and unique persona that tells us more about the talented and versatile recording artist. The three songs are currently listed under the Spotify playlist dubbed 'Shine, (Act I).'

Beginning our venture into 'Shine, (Act I),' we're greeted with the first track, "sweet hunny," which opens with a light percussion beat and a warm acoustic guitar alongside Manny Hyuga's soothing and tender vocals. As the delicate keys begin to wash over our speakers with a lovely jazz undertone, Manny Hyuga continues to bask in the thoughts and emotions of falling head over heels for someone special. This song is truly "sweet hunny," we're able to get to know Manny Hyuga's lush and ear-pleasing melodies that shine through our speakers like the morning sun.

The second track, "Sanctuary.," opens with a gentle acoustic guitar and Manny Hyuga's charismatic and passionate vocals. Once a warm and sensual r&b/hip-hop beat begins to tap through our speakers, the rhythm continues to expand at a mellow, downtempo, and relaxed pace. Manny Hyuga adds a cinematic string section in the background while singing the independent message of living life alone in this cruel world. The song's hook offers this bold and atmospheric experience that leaves us lost in the mesmerizing sounds of Manny Hyuga and his chilling instrumentals/production.

Reaching the last track of 'Shine, (Act I),' were serenaded by Manny Hyuga's captivating vocals in "attraction," which opens with a soft electric guitar melody, lush background vocals, and Manny Hyuga's desirous performance. This song is like a breath of fresh air; right off the bat, Manny Hyuga portrays such delicate emotions that tug on every heartstring. We adore the nostalgia this song delivers; Manny Hyuga's production and instrumentals take us back to the 50s alongside his softspoken, crooning vocals that sing an incredibly vulnerable and passionate message of "attraction."

With the three stunning singles in 'Shine, (Act I),' we can only imagine the passion and soul to come from Manny Hyuga's forthcoming album. For now, find the three-track playlist, 'Shine, (Act I),' on Spotify.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Manny Hyuga. We're incredibly excited to hear your upcoming debut album after listening to the three beautiful singles in 'Shine, (Act I).' What should we expect from the album?

Thanks for the compliment. You can def expect the songs to appear in a different order than released, as it'll closely follow the story of my life over the past few years in college; the things I struggled thru, the way my clothes and hairstyles have changed, the lovers that came and went now that I've finally been out on my own. You'll hear me experiment with my vocal styles, sexuality, and genre in the process of figuring out my true Self. I'd love to say that it's all happy, dancey music, but much like actual life, there are moments when I'm smiling around family just to avoid talking about the pain i'm living thru; or moments where love becomes blissful just to melt into anxiety and fear in the next. To be honest, I'm not even sure where this album will take Me when it finishes, so I guess I'll be expecting the best outcome right alongside You.

Why did you choose to release the songs "sweet hunny," "Sanctuary.," and "attraction" as the lead singles off your forthcoming album? How do these songs represent the project?

mmm, I suppose I mentioned it above a bit, but order is very important to Me. The songs on (Act I) came out in the order that I wrote them, it just felt like the most natural way to do it. funny tho, all 3 songs have something to do with me "losing" Love and dealing with the loneliness and anxiety that came from that. They're quite a seasonal feeling too, as I wrote swhu in late Summer, sanc in the Fall, and attr is a xmas song of sorts.

Out of the three songs on 'Shine, (Act I),' do you have a personal favorite? What makes you so drawn to that song in particular?

Each song represents these different moments in college when i was going thru some shit, some particular feeling; and whenever the same feeling strikes again, that song is usually my favorite. But I will say I've always loved the unique feel of Sanctuary. The combo of flamenco, RnB, and orchestral elements came together really well, and it's one of my more dynamic performances. I was certainly inspired by James Blake and Moses Sumney there.

How many songs should we expect to hear on your upcoming album?

I want to make a full-length album with this, so I'm shooting for around 10 songs ~40min, but I'm making everything completely on my own so I'm not even sure yet if I'll be able to do it lol. As usual, I'm much more ambitious than what's actually possible.

Will you release a 'Shine, (Act II)' before the entire album?

Yes, there's definitely an (Act II), in fact, the next single "07 tomiwnxdoa" is coming out February 13th 202*, and you can preview and pre-save it here. Trying something new with this release and sending 3 random ppl who pre-save the song a chocolate heart box, just in case You need my company for v-day.

What does your upcoming album mean to you? Does the project mark a significant moment in your life and music career? So the album is called " Shine, Rodriguez " and I really can't overstate how important this project is to Me. It's is all of my dreams, hopes, struggles, defeats, and yearnings that I can't tell anyone else. Thoughts about sexuality and religion I could never say to my Family; depression and insecurities I could never describe to my friends. it's really too risky to share with anyone close to Me. Some days I actually consider deleting it all and forgetting about it, cuz I'm just not sure if it's really worth it. But I know this is my path so I'll put it out anonymously and deal with the consequences later. This might actually be the most significant moment in my life so far because it's something that could so drastically change it. I have a lot of doubts lol, but I know I'm making something special here, and now I just wanna know if the World thinks so too.


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