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Marc Oliver Caps Off An Astounding Run With His New EP, 'Liv'

San Diego’s favorite outlaw envelops you in a romantic world of infinite possibilities.

Capping off a magnificent summer run that saw him steal the hearts of audiences worldwide, San Diego native Marc Oliver returns to put an emphatic end to his summer with his electrifying EP LIV (volume one). With his unwavering love and dedication to his craft, this scene veteran continues to set and exceed the standard for alternative pop and rock. As someone who’s seen and done it all, although it would’ve been easy for Oliver to stagnate, he’s aged like fine wine instead. As he continues to push his artistic greatness even further, we’re glad he’s bringing us along for the ride, and we can’t wait to see where he takes us next.

Oliver’s summer has been nothing short of extraordinary. Having set hearts ablaze with releases like “History” and “Thing For You,” he showed that he’s still operating at the peak of his significant artistic powers. Having gotten into music at the tender age of three, his remarkable music journey has seen him do it all, from sharing stages with icons like Pat Benatar and John Legend to rocking crowds with standout releases like “Reach.” An unparalleled musical mind, Oliver’s ability to effortlessly blend genres and flip them on their heads has endeared him to fans worldwide. As LA’s favorite “Outlaw” continues to show his heart of gold, we think he’ll keep audiences spellbound for a long time.

As the culmination of Oliver’s continued artistic renaissance and evolution, “LIV” is an impressive testament to his continued artistic genius. As expected from any Oliver release, it’s a robust and cohesive project from top to bottom. Although each of the five songs, “LIV,” feels like a strong offering by themselves, we can’t help but feel that they’re more than the sum of their parts. Coming in at around 20 minutes in length, each release in “LIV” feels like it brings something a little different.

One feature connects the threads that bind this project: from the moment hopeful piano keys illuminate “LIV” on the opening track “Reach,” Oliver’s dynamic yet tender delivery sweeps your worries away as he warmly invites you to the rich musical world he has created. “LIV” is many things, but perhaps most importantly, it’s a celebration of the pure joy love can bring and its endless possibilities.

Ever the visionary, Oliver imagines these endless possibilities on “Surf Song” but also reminisces on “History.” Romance adorns every release, but although the road to love may not always be straightforward, releases like “Soldier” show that Oliver is willing to fight for everything he cares for. Fittingly, the EP concludes not in the past or future but in the tender present with “Thing For You,” a heartwarming celebration of love and the simple joys being with the one you love can bring. Marc Oliver has outdone himself yet again, and as our favorite outlaw rides into the sunset again, we’ll eagerly await his return.

Marc Oliver’s new EP “LIV” is a crystallization of his artistic evolution and a testament to love's infinite power over us all. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Oliver’s new EP, “LIV.”

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Marc Oliver; it's always a pleasure! So, you've been on a streak lately! As you look back on summer, do you have any fond musical memories?

My best musical memory was getting amazing feedback from you and my fans on all my new releases this summer. Getting these singles out has been quite a ride. I feel exceptional to keep releasing music to loving ears.

Where did the inspiration for "Thing For You" come from? Were you drawing from personal experience for this one?

My inspiration for "Thing For You" comes from falling for a girl. I wanted to put all the little things I say and think about when I'm around her. Now, she is my fiancé. So, the song worked!!

Now that summer's over, what are you most looking forward to before the end of the year?

I'm looking forward to getting the rest of these singles out. I'm playing some shows, traveling more, and it is my birthday! My birthday is Christmas day, so it's always a fun time.

Who would your dream collaboration be with, and why?

My dream would be to sit and write with Charlie Puth. He and I are very similar in writing and thinking when composing songs. We would come out with a banger.

What's next for Marc Oliver, and is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

MORE SINGLES!! That is what's next. I'm still on the same path, one single a month for the next year or two. It's what people love to see happen. , thank you to all of you who love what I am doing. Your support and love keep me going. Shoot me some DM's, and see me play live. Enjoy the new music!


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