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Marc Oliver Continues His Stellar Run Of Offerings With His Emphatic New Release, “Soldiers”

The maestro continues to show that even outlaws have hearts of gold.

San Diego’s musical maverick Mark Oliver is back and continues his white-hot streak of releases with his latest offering, “Soldiers.” Having rubbed shoulders and graced stages alongside legends like Jewel, Pat Benatar, and John Legend, this talented artist has seen it all and performed with the best of them. Brazenly walking the line between R&B, rock, alternative, and pop, Oliver has skillfully curated a unique sound that has set him apart from his litany of peers, even amongst a global music scene that’s more competitive than ever.

Marc Oliver’s relationship with music is like a love story written in the stars. Nudged into piano lessons by his mother, Oliver’s humble musical beginnings would eventually blossom into an illustrious musical career spanning twenty-five years and counting. He’s cultivated a devoted fan base, capturing hearts with timeless releases like “Outlaw” and “Woman.” Still, recent releases like his last offering, “Reach,” have shown Oliver’s remarkable ability to diversify his sound without compromising on quality. Having relocated to the “City of Angels” after signing his first record deal fresh out of high school, Oliver’s music has aged like fine wine.

“Soldiers” sees Oliver pick up right where he left off with “Reach.” Showing that even outlaws and mavericks have hearts of gold underneath their tough exterior, “Soldiers” Oliver expertly balances vulnerability with resilience. Lines like “I won’t give up on anything” and “All the things that I’ve been through, I’ll never bring them home to you” are delivered with sincerity and resolution that cut straight through to the heart. Soaring instrumentals and guitar performances round the release out, making it a well-rounded and immersive offering that’s sure to have high replay value in your playlists.

Continuing his streak of captivating and timeless releases, Marc Oliver has once again struck gold with his new release, “Soldiers.” He just seems to get better and better with each release, and it’s exciting to see how long he can maintain this stellar run. He’s showing no signs of slowing down, and all signs point to him ending the year strong. Tap in and stream Marc Oliver’s new release, “Soldiers.”

Welcome back to BUZZ, Marc Oliver! Man, you’ve really been on an impressive run recently! We wanted to ask, what’s been inspiring your recent run of releases?

For countless years since my rockstar days, I've poured my heart into crafting song after song. In the earlier years, I found myself curating songs for fellow artists and commercials, diligently cataloging my creations. However, I started to get sick of it - a longing to share my musical creations with the world, to let them resonate beyond my own walls. Music, for me, is the purest form of self-expression, a profound channel through which my emotions and thoughts find their voice. Yet, for far too long, this cherished art has remained dormant, untouched by the ears of those who might connect with it. The time has finally come to change that narrative, to breathe life back into the dormant melodies. Releasing music once again has been a revitalizing experience, an act that stirs the soul and reignites the creative fire that has always burned within. The concept is simple and profound—each composition I create, every lyrical journey I embark upon, finds its way to the world. With each note and verse, I share the immense joy that music brings me, hoping it extends the same delight to all who lend their ears. In the end, it's a circle of shared happiness.

Take us through the creative process for “Soldier”! What was your favorite part of bringing the vision for this release to life?

"Soldiers" holds a special place in my heart. It began taking shape years ago, shortly after the arrival of my first daughter. The initial verse and chorus flowed from me, becoming a cherished musical fragment I'd revisit in fleeting moments over the years. Last year, I embarked on the journey of these new releases. I took a step back and finished writing "Soldiers" — a heartfelt tribute to fatherhood. This song resonates deeply with me, encapsulating the profound emotions and experiences tied to this incredible role I embrace.

What’s been your favorite part of being a musician and being able to release your own music to your fans? Also, do you have a favorite musical memory you’d like to share?

The thrill of playing live music is incomparable — witnessing a sea of emotions unfold on the faces of the audience as my melodies envelop them. The stage is my haven; performing, playing, and sharing that space with fellow music enthusiasts is pure joy. The release of new music amplifies this excitement. There's an unparalleled thrill in presenting fresh sounds to the world, knowing that each note might resonate profoundly with someone's heart. The connection formed between my music and its listeners is a constant source of inspiration, an affirmation of the power of creative expression. One of the treasured moments etched in my mind stands out: touring alongside Maroon 5, our song echoing from radios and filling the airwaves. At a vibrant summer festival, amidst the crowd's energy, I stood before 15,000 people. Their voices harmonized with mine, singing the lyrics I had crafted. It was a surreal, indescribable experience, culminating in countless hours of dedication. This memory, one of my happiest musical moments, remains etched in my soul.

How would you describe your music to people who haven't heard it before?

It's like you're encountering a familiar sound, you swear you've heard before, while simultaneously revealing in the thrill of something entirely novel. The experience carries an inspiring, invigorating essence, infusing a surge of energy and a playful vibe that's simply irresistible for some good old-fashioned rocking out.

What’s next for Marc Oliver? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

The future holds boundless promise – A new song each month for another year!! or more!! This momentum is invigorating, a creative surge that propels me forward. I'm fervently optimistic that those journeying with me will relish every step of this musical voyage. To all those who call themselves fans of mine, I extend my deepest gratitude. Your support bestows upon me the ultimate gift – the joy of sharing my emotions through the melodies I craft. Join me in person for a live experience, where we'll weave unforgettable moments and bask in the sheer delight of it all.


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