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Marc Oliver Finds The Strength To Take Fate Into His Own Hands On “History”

Sometimes, we only need a little push to bring out our best.

In the vast, diverse world we’ve come to call the music industry, there are some artists whose only listening advice you can give them is to buckle up and expect the unexpected.

This statement rings especially true for San Diego-based recording artist and singer-songwriter extraordinaire Marc Oliver. Oliver has managed something many of his peers haven’t been able to achieve: diversifying his sound without compromising on any quality or lyrical charm that’s made it so appealing over the years.

With his debut album slated for release this year, Oliver has continued to push his artistic boundaries, but at the heart of his music still lays the outlaw we’ve come to know and love.

Cultivating a musical style that could tentatively be described as alternative meets rock and pop, Oliver’s releases have been united by his uncanny ability to evoke the visceral through a masterful blend of lyrical prowess and instrumental brilliance.

No wonder he’s been rocking the scene for 25 years and counting; Oliver knows how to enthrall an audience. Having graced stages alongside titanic icons of the industry like Pat Benatar and John Legend, he’s long been a respected and revered statesman. His longevity stands as a testament to his ability to remain current while still grounding himself in the sound that endeared us to him in the first place.

At this point, Marc Oliver’s recent foray into a softer, more sensitive sound cannot be called anything but a resounding success. Fresh off acclaimed releases like “Soldier” and “Reach,” the dynamic musician continues his white-hot streak with another standout release, “History.”

Featuring soft yet resolute instrumentals anchored by a beautiful piano performance, Oliver’s soothing vocals stir the confidence within. Lyrics like “We will write these pages, carve our names in stone / This will be no mystery, let’s make history” are delivered with a sincerity that soothes the mind and calms the heart, and there’s no doubt that on “History,” Oliver has once again struck gold.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Marc Oliver! Let's get straight to it. What's the scoop for "History?" What was the inspiration behind this release?

I wrote "HISTORY" to myself and others as an ode to remember to leave an impact on the world. What we do can last forever, and it is something that drives me to write music. I will be gone one day, but my music will always be here. So, I guess I'm reminding everyone, "Let's Make History." I put it on this ep and upcoming album because I am releasing a song a month. Just get out there and let the world hear your sound—no wasted time.

What did you first envision "History" being like when you got inspiration for this release? Was the final version different from what you thought it would be?

Yes, The final version is different than when I wrote it. Not as a song, but I wrote it on acoustic guitar and groovy. I write most of my music on guitar or piano, and they come to life with production. I leave it to Beto to help guide the production of the songs I write. We have been working together for so many years that we get each other when it comes to music.

You're gearing up to release your long-awaited debut album soon, right? Are there any releases on it you're incredibly excited to share with your fans?

Yes, I will release two EPs with five songs each, then the full album with 11 songs. The first EP release will be in November, with the next release, "THING FOR YOU." I am very excited about that song coming out. But the song I am excited about is called "YOUR SONG." I wrote that song to ask my fiance to marry me last October. It will come out two days before our wedding on February 8th! That is one of the best songs I've written, and I am so stoked on the world to hear it.

What do you think is the most essential quality for a musician to have and why?

From my experience, you've got to have balls consistently, no looking back, not caring what anyone thinks about who you are or if they like your music; you have to keep going and putting your shit out, or else you will go crazy. You do that, and you will win.

What's next for Marc Oliver? Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Everything is next! I'm still on track to drop a song a month, waiting for the phone call from SNL to host and play. I can't wait to see my songs at the top of the Billboard charts. And to the fans, Thank you for participating in this journey with me. It's been a fun ride, and it isn't going to stop. Please drop me a DM and see me at a show.


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