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Marcellina Is “Floating Away” In A Brilliant New Release

From Anaheim, California, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Marcellina teams up with producer Lue. and recording artist Zac Rose for their stunning new single, "Floating Away."

One can best recognize Marcellina's music through the lush and soothing sounds of r&b, jazz, gospel, and hip-hop and more lively sounds like psychedelic rock and punk. At the end of the day, Marcellina strives to create a safe, fluid, and comfortable space to portray her dreamy and lush creations.

This time around, Marcellina teams up with Lue. and Zac Rose for their sweet-sounding single, "Floating Away," which left our souls hovering above the stratosphere. While Lue. tackles the Flume-like electronic sonics, Zac Rose and Marcellina drift over the foreground with their equally dreamy and transcendent vocals. We're incredibly excited to feature this new hit; we're certain anyone who stumbles across this piece will feel the refreshing impact it has to offer.

Diving into the new single, "Floating Away," the tune kicks off with Lue.'s soft piano melodies and faint synths alongside muffled drum breaks that quickly drop into a Flume-like, dynamic synth arrangement that accompanies Zac Rose's soothing and velvety vocals. As Marcellina makes her way in, she takes us by the hand and leads us into bliss through her chilling and lush vocal stylings.

Both Marcellina and Zac Rose perfectly amplify Lue's dreamy production, making for one of the most refreshing listening experiences we've heard this year. We adore how Marcellina's feminine and soft energy adds a brilliant contrast to both Lue's groovy production and Zac Rose's dreamy vocals, ending the song with nothing but poise and passion.

Feel your heart "Floating Away" with help from Marcellina's new single alongside Lue. and Zac Rose, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lue. We loved every minute of your blissful and lush new single, "Floating Away." When did you begin feeling inspired to create such a passionate and soothing piece?

Thank you for having me, and I appreciate the love on the track! I began producing the instrumental for Floating Away about a year ago. When I sat down, I was making an R&B beat but couldn't get into it and quickly pivoted into the early stages of the production of "Floating Away." It initially started as a lofi "study beat," but after some revisions, the synths and bassline were added, which really brought the track to life. Honestly, a lot of the time, when I sit down to produce, I think I'm going to make one thing, and something completely different comes out of it, which is essentially what happened with this beat. The full production process took about three months because I kept tabling it and coming back to it later on.

What was it like working alongside Marcellina and Zac Rose for "Floating Away?" Did that creative process take place in person or remotely?

Working alongside Marcellina and Zach was great! We wrote most of the topline at Zac's apartment in Santa Monica, and it took about three writing sessions and one session to track the vocals. Initially, it was just Zach and me, but he's good friends with Marcellina, so she eventually came in and wrote her verses. The full songwriting process took place in person, which was refreshing considering that everything for the year and a half prior was remote.

Could you break down who handled the songwriting and production aspects of "Floating Away?" How long did the song take to create from start to finish?

The songwriting was mostly Marcellina and Zach. Zach wrote the hook before Marcellina was involved, and Marcellina wrote the verses when she came on board. I provided input and creative direction, but I'm not great at toplining, so I left most of it up to them. The production and writing for the production were pretty much exclusively me, although I work closely with an insanely talented producer from Sweden, and he helped with the arrangement, bassline and synths because I'm not as great with sound design or live bass. I love having another producer around to bounce ideas off of, and as always, he was a massive help. He also mixed the track and absolutely killed it! From start to finish, the song took about eight months. I produced the track for about three months, and we wrote the song throughout the summer of 2021, and the fall was pretty much dedicated to mixing and mastering. It took a while, but it was for sure worth it!

We can't help but feel that "Floating Away" has a chill summer vibe to it. Did you want to release this song during winter to help brighten the dull days many are living in?

I wish that was the intention! The original goal was early fall, but with mixed revisions and mastering, it took a lot longer. I also wanted enough time to do pre-release pitching and stuff, so we decided that dropping the track in January would be a perfect start to 2022. Honestly, it's always summer where we live, so the time of year of the release didn't really cross my mind, but I do hope it brings some sunshine to the cold winter months.

What's next for you?

I actually have a song coming out on February 25th with a super talented Australian artist, "Oshua." It's called "November," and we're really excited about it. I hope everyone digs it as much as we do.

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