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Marcelo De La Vega Strikes Up a Needed "Conversation" With His Latest Single

Hailing from London, UK, the Australian/Argentinian artist, and singer-songwriter Marcelo De La Vega releases an anthem of acceptance with his latest hit, "Conversation."

Also releasing an entire EP entitled 'Conversation,' Marcelo De La Vega delves deep into the emotive human condition while spanning his sound from alternative to pop. When asked about his forthcoming EP, De La Vega mentioned, "The EP was born out of heartbreak, inspired mostly by the end of a relationship... I wrote a lot about it afterward, and this record was me processing the whole thing."

Giving listeners a glimpse of the project through the release of its title track, "Conversation," Marcelo De La Vega stated that the single expands on the acceptance of leaving a relationship with hopes of moving on and experiencing new things. While the instrumentation sings through our speakers with jazzy alternative undertones, De La Vega offers a heartfelt performance to emphasize his powerful message.

Hitting play on the single, "Conversation," we're met with a snazzy array of drums and soulful guitar strokes. Once Marcelo De La Vega begins pouring his emotive and heartfelt lyricism through his passionate vocal stylings, the song drifts into this nostalgic Maroon 5 sound with help from the organic instrumentals and De La Vega's sweet-sounding hymn.

De La Vega later brings us deeper into his aching emotions through vulnerable lyrics like "Feel so f*cking lonely, she said she miss the old me, don't know who I wanna be, let the world swallow me." While the supporting drums, bass, guitars, and piano help us float along with Marcelo De La Vega's comforting performance, the song drifts toward the outro while keeping us locked in for the relatable and emotional ride.

Get your dose of vulnerability with Marcelo De La Vega's reflective single and title track, "Conversation," and find the rest of the EP on all digital streaming platforms.

We genuinely appreciate the vulnerable emotions and relatable themes within your latest single, "Conversation." Could you describe the moment you felt compelled to create this emotional piece? I wrote the EP after a really confusing breakup at a time in my life where I was really just coming into myself as an adult, so I felt like I had a lot to process. Everything felt really all over the place and raw so writing this EP was part of processing that and I think in the end what came out was something that a lot of us can relate to, especially when you're going through times where we feel unmoored or disillusioned in life. We adore the jazzy/alternative instrumentation within your recent single, "Conversation" What sort of sound and feel were you going for when formulating the instrumentals? I like to experiment and find something that will really bring out the best in the track whatever that might be. When I was thinking about this EP, I just really wanted to make pop music that didn’t feel manufactured and had a level of musicianship at its heart, I think that sincerity in the use of real instruments parallels the sense of honesty you get in the songs, it hopefully feels down to earth and solid. Could you tell us more about the music video for your single, "Conversation?" How does the video highlight the central message within the single? The idea of the video was to have an element of absurdity with the clown and represent a lot of things in a way that wasn't super on the nose, so instead of representing the story in the lyrics literally, we used a clown and his relationship with his dog who is his only friend in the world. Just after we shot the video my dog (who acted in the video) actually passed away and it ended up making the video more meaningful for me, after having her for 14 years the feeling of being lonely without her was definitely really apparent to me, so that ended up being quite a weird parallel that I didn't expect! You've mentioned that your EP, 'Conversation,' is an ode to heartbreak and navigating your way out. Was it challenging to create this EP, seeing as it comes from a place of hurt and vulnerability? I think it was more therapeutic than anything, it was just about me processing what happened because it went confusing really quickly at the end with that relationship, so I think it was good for me to get vulnerable with it. I think that is a really healthy thing, especially as a man, we need to make sure we are in touch with ourselves and analyze our feelings and our relationships so we can keep improving and hopefully reach a point where we're really fulfilled in life. That's the aim!


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