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Marcus Moon Lifts Our Spirits With "Wedding Waltz"

Reigning from Vancouver, Canada, Marcus Moon is a mastermind Composer active in the style and instrumentation of classical music, but with an unmistakable influence on modern-day life.

Deeply inspired by the modern-day singers and songwriters that he grew up listening to, there has always been a story at the center of his work. Although his music mostly goes on without lyrics, he paints the most vivid and heartfelt imagery using simple harmonies and very direct melodies, played on classical instruments, such as piano and cello.

Fresh off the release of his highly anticipated album, “Letters from the Moon,” Marcus Moon takes us into the third song from the project, “Wedding Waltz.” Prominent keys open this delicate piece that has your mind swaying from side to side in a graceful manner.

Bringing out themes of elation and joyfulness through the instrumental progression, we submit to a buoyant universe that has swooped us off our feet in a swift motion. You can appreciate the thought process that hones in on attentive objectives through the crisp pellucidity of each sound performed.

The piano forward ballad that “Wedding Waltz,” embodies is quite elegant with plenty of room to allow the bliss in your imagination to travel as the arrangement does. Creating a roller coaster-like effect with the way the composition travels from start to finish, Marcus Moon radiates his talents as we take in all he has to offer as a composer.

By creating moods for us to fixate upon, “Wedding Waltz,” has us feeling the highs and genuine depths created in the realm of the emerging artist himself.

As we look forward to each tone set in the sonic voyage that is, “Letters from the Moon,” Marcus Moon proves himself time and time again as one to project self-analysis well past 18th century personified classical creations.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Marcus Moon! Congratulations on the release of, “Wedding Waltz,” from your album, “Letters from the Moon.” There is something so uplifting about this composition. What were your intentions with the piece going into it?

Well, it is a wedding waltz and I wanted it to reflect the pure joy of a wedding, but not without also reflecting on the challenges of marriage. I made it upbeat, light, and almost a bit goofy in the major key. For the minor key change, I used a bit more drive and attack on the keys. The music video further communicates that feeling of a higher 'cosmic love' that transcends space and time, which I also wanted to express. The video and music together allowed me to do that.

What was it like recording “Wedding Waltz”? Do you have any memorable moments from the creative process?

Of the tracks on the album Wedding Waltz was the very first one we started working on and I think the last one that we finished. The greatest challenge with recording this song was that I had such a very specific sound and playing technique in mind. It took a lot of discussions and takes to get there, but I am super happy with the final result. It sounds just like what I had in mind when I wrote it.

Is this a representation of what we can expect from the entire album, “Letters from the Moon”?

My debut album can be described as "classical music for modern times". I think Wedding Waltz is a great representation of that. It is kind of timeless in its composition and performance, but not without the influence of more modern-day songwriting.

Do you find the creative process varies for you when you introduce lyrics to your songs?

Regardless of having words or not in my music, the creative process always starts with me writing down the story behind the piece. I actually consider myself a storyteller first and a composer second. Without something to say, the music will not be compelling. Sometimes when I write down my thoughts for a new piece of music, I find the words really demand to be sung, and then they may turn into an actual song with lyrics like I did with The Moon Represents My Heart, another track of my debut album.

What can we expect to see next from you as we enter 2021?

In 2021, I aim to first take a little break and just enjoy some stress-free time of NOT producing an album. It's been a long road to get it recorded and published with many extra challenges during the covid year of 2020. Beyond that, I have a lot of ideas for new music lying around and I hope to finish a bunch of them in 2021 and hopefully see another album out before the end of the year.



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