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Marcus Porter And Juicee Monroe "Glow," In A New Inspirational Single

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, songwriter, rapper, and producer Marcus Porter teams up with rapper/vocalist Juicee Monroe for their inspirational and lively single, "Glow."

Marcus Porter's hip-hop and r&b stylings were once created for fun, but after seeing incredible success and traction, Porter knew music creation was for him. He uses alternative, backpack rap, and hints of r&b to bring his songs to life. Marcus Porter has performed at numerous intimate venues with packed crowds, one of which was at the Lifest stage.

Now pairing up with rapper and vocalist Juicee Monroe for their sweet and uplifting single, "Glow," the song holds this certain motivational tone that's truly compelling. Marcus Porter offers a similar energetic and exciting flow to that of Chance the Rapper, especially in this single. Juicee Monroe's magnetic and confident bars are the perfect mid-way pick-me-up.

Hitting play on the single, "Glow (feat. Juicee Monroe)," we're greeted with Marcus Porter's sole vocals alongside a twinkling keyboard melody that sets the song's inspirational and chilling tone. As Marcus Porter hops into his first verse, he begins to soak our speakers in confidence as he explains the many abundant blessings that life has given.

Before we know it, Juicee Monroe begins to make her charismatic vocal appearance while reminding us that her hunger for life is everlasting. She continues to wow us with her boss energy, closing her verse with nothing but poise. As Marcus Porter makes his way around the hook one last time alongside an honest outro verse, he closes the song with vast optimism and hope.

Don't be afraid to "Glow" with Marcus Porter and Juicee Monroe's latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Marcus Porter. We admire the inspirational and uplifting approach you've taken with your latest single, "Glow (feat. Juicee Monroe)." What inspired you to create such a motivational and honest track?

Thank you for having me! Glow was created during the beginning of Covid. It was tough with all the things going on in the world and I felt I needed to be relatable but also spread some of my light.

Speaking of honesty, was it easy for you to be so open and real when writing your bars for "Glow (feat. Juicee Monroe)"? What was your songwriting process like?

Yes, it was easy, to be honest on Glow with my bars because I always write about my life and wanna give relatable substance we’re humans I wanna be able to connect. The process for Glow started with me making the beat. I started writing my verses first. Then my chorus came as I was humming to myself while playing with my verses and Glow started to form itself; it just was missing one thing, Juciee.

Why did you want to collaborate with Juicee Monroe for "Glow (feat. Juicee Monroe)"? What does she bring to the table that the track needed?

I wanted to collaborate with Juciee because I work with her in the studio all the time recording her songs so I wanted to collab, also her work ethic is amazing and she’s just all-around dope. On Glow, Juciee brings her story with a dope verse for people who felt like her as well and she’s being honest about her ups and downs too.

What did you want your listeners to take away from the motivational single, "Glow (feat. Juicee Monroe)"? What do you hope to leave them with?

What I want listeners to take away from Glow is that it’s about finding your light in the darkness and spreading your light to others as you continue to be bright. I hope to leave listeners with a song to play anytime their light feels dim so they can recharge it and keep going and also share it with others who have a bright light and relate.


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