Mark Generous and J-Geezy Create an Expressive EP: "Jewels of Eternal Youth"

Filipino producer Mark Generous has collaborated with recording artist J-Geezy to produce the collective EP, titled "Jewels of Eternal Youth". As a producer, Mark is incredibly prolific, featuring a sense of innovation within his very sound. Seriously. Once you give a listen to tracks within the EP, you'll really notice the mixing abilities and enigmatic visions of Mark Generous. His sound is beyond "alternative", it's diversified, refined, and yet erratic in the best ways possible. Once these elements are blended with the thought-provoking lyricism of J-Geezy, the result is impressive. J-Geezy contributes heavy to the G-town aesthetic, which is what creates an equilibrium once combined with Mark's production. All in all, the EP grew itself from start to finish and provoked our senses as listeners. Let's take a walk through and truly take apart the offerings involved in the duo's collaboration.

The album features the production stylings of Mark Generous and the vocal delivery from J-Geezy. The collaboration is an interesting product, to say the least! Mark Generous remains consistent throughout the album by maintaining an integrative blend of synths and other soundings. We never get disappointed with what atmosphere Mark Generous offers up next in the album, we know it'll kick, and it'll kick hard! The vocal sounding of J-Geezy is what makes the tracks more lax and laidback. J-Geezy attempts to maintain a chill vibe with the way he styles the vocal outflow. Let's delve deeper into the EP, and really dissect all elements of the artists' collection.

The album starts off with its first track "Elevated Minds". We definitely appreciate the kind of connected delivery two artists have when they collaborate, mostly because that feature creates a divergent-sounding track. "Elevated Minds" was the right song choice for the first track of the EP, because it really introduced us to the elemental features of J-Geezy and Mark Generous. We migrate further into the EP, and come upon "Mona Lisa". What an intriguing production the track has! The instrumentals combined with the atmospheric synths produce such a reposed climate. As for the vocal delivery, we see a theme emerging in "Mona Lisa" when the two artists maintain their distinctive sound present in "Elevated Minds".

As we progress further into "Putcha Hands Up", we realize that this theme is held constant, and J-Geezy and Mark Generous. Let's highlight the production in this track, and how incredibly eclectic it is! This type of ability to combine so many disparate sounds into one that is full and consummated takes a lot of skill from Mark Generous. Once J-Geezy provides his vocalism, we're introduced into a more hyped up environment than previous tracks. But with the lively lyrical outflow, it gets translated in such a differing way when combined with the artistry of Mark Generous. The mix is very, very intriguing.

We now find ourselves listening to "Made For This", a track that has such a potent low-key and tranquil flow. Mark Generous mixes a sound that is steady and consistent. Similar to Mark, J-Geezy also maintains his consistency regarding his tone, and so the track becomes one with a refreshing and calm ambiance. "Gems and Jewels" is the last track that finishes off the EP, and this track is one worthy of concluding the collective EP. J-Geezy warps his sound throughout "Gems and Jewels", which adds such a contemporary-sounding, especially compared to what we've previously heard. There are more tenacity and aggression present within J-Geezy here, and it really complements the underlying rhythm. Together, there's a recurrent theme in the collaborative sound of producer Mark Generous and rap artist J-Geezy. They fit well together with the overall mood they aspire to set within listeners, and the product of two artistries proves to work well. 

Check out the collaborative EP of J-Geezy and Mark Generous here.


Hi there, Mark Generous and J-Geezy! We appreciate the two of you taking the time to talk with us about your recent EP release of "Jewels Of Eternal Youth." Which track has been the most successful from the EP thus far?!

[J-Geezy/Mark Generous] Thank you for taking the time to listen to the "JOEY" EP! So far - "Gems and Jewels / Take A Drag" has been the most successful song numbers-wise on Spotify.

How did the two of you find which elements of your separate soundings clicked in order to create the EP? Were there creative clashes along the way.

[J-Geezy] We met up on a couple of different occasions and discussed the "Lo-Fi" sound and how my style of rap and lyrical content would blend with the beats Mark had made. We recorded about 13 songs but ended up using the six songs that fit best with each other. We wanted the music to be relatable and motivational.

[Mark Generous] Yeah, it was a lot of trial and error for the most part. I felt like the most significant challenge we had to create the EP was achieving a sense of cohesiveness while still delivering a variety to the listener's ear. We didn't want the project to sound dull and monotonous, and as the producer, I had to find a way to combine our contrasting styles of music. In the end - the result was a new take on the "lo-fi" aesthetic while still maintaining our hip hop roots.

We thought that "Gems and Jewels" was the perfect track to end off your collective EP. Can you walk us through the deeper meaning of the track?

[J-Geezy] The first part of the track, "Gems And Jewels," is inspired by a lifetime of being taught that going to high school, then college is the only path to success and, more importantly, knowledge. The system shows us that success in academics would result in overall success in life. My take on that is a little different. Throughout the years, I've learned that knowledge comes from the different experiences we face in life. We learn and grow from, not only our achievements but from our failures as well as. We learn and develop by observing those around us. We learn from other people's accomplishments and mistakes. It's a team effort if you put it into a different perspective. Those experiences and those little bits of knowledge are the "Gems And Jewels" that we, as people, should cherish. The school system rarely teaches content like that. We're praised by our achievements and punished for our mistakes. It doesn't always work well for people. Both factors should be respected and used as an opportunity to grow and learn. Some of the smartest, most creative people out there have very little to no post-secondary education. They found their way of success through hustling and working on their craft. They learned from mistakes and used their accomplishments as self-motivation. Now the second part of the track, "Take A Drag," was meant to be therapeutic and introspective. Something I wrote on a negative day. Put on some dope headphones, press play, and the record will speak for itself.

[Mark Generous] Track 5 was definitely fun to make. Initially, it was just "Gems And Jewels." I was in the process of submitting the EP for distribution until the moment J-Geezy sent me the "Take A Drag" track. When I heard it, I stopped what I was doing, and I instantly had this thought that "Wow, this is the perfect concluding track." It's hard to explain - I just felt it. Out of all the other tracks he sent me - this was the one. It had that atmospheric, nostalgic, and reminiscent vibe that I was looking for. Something from the heart, you know? He really pulled through with that one.

Would you say that for "Jewels of Eternal Youth," the production was shaped around the vocals or vice versa?

[J-Geezy] Vice versa. The beats were made prior to the vocals. The production, in most cases, inspired the themes, lyrical content, and structure of the rhymes.

[Mark Generous] Haha, yeah, the beats were made prior. Honestly - the records were made with two WAV files: The vocals and the instrumental. The process was fun.  We recorded the vocals with a "Blue Yeti" USB microphone - no preamp. He chose a beat that I previously made, added the lyrical content, sent it back to me in a single WAV file, and I worked from there. Doing it that way forced me to get creative with my use of effects, automation, and mixing and mastering. It challenged my skills and forced me to work with what I got.

One commonality that was prevalent to us during the progression of the EP was that you both present a very contrasting sound. Is this why the two of you decided to combine your artistic efforts, or was there another reasoning for that?!

[J-Geezy] We have worked together in the past, so the chemistry was there in terms of making some good music. As far as the contrasting sounds, it was one of the main reasons we decided to come together for this specific project. We thought the boom-bap style "lo-fi" beats blended with the laidback lyrical flows in a subtly unique way. Something that would be interesting and appealing to the ear.

[Mark Generous] Of course! "Jewels Of Eternal Youth" was a different route from our previous project. You can check it out in J-Geezy's Spotify - it's called "Digging In The Crates." Listen to J-Geezy's other past work, and you can understand why we had to complete a project like this. J-Geezy is one of the most prolific artists I've ever met. He never refuses a beat. Even if a beat sounds off, whack or doesn't suit his style - he'll still find a way to add some bars to it. He has an innovative mind when it comes to music, and it's only a matter of time until people catch on to his work. I love it when artists get out of their comfort zone and create something that you rarely hear in the industry. It's refreshing to the ears. It was great to talk about the release of your EP! Would you two ever collaborate again in the future? What's the next step for each of you at the start of 2020?

[J-Geezy] Yeah, I could see us collaborating on more music in the future. At the start of 2020, I will be finishing off my next solo project, "Geezy Duz It," expected to release in March. Besides that, we're just spreading the word of the new "JOEY" EP.

[Mark Generous] Spreading the "JOEY" EP for sure. I'm hoping to spread the vibes to eastern countries. Working on that! Thank you again for listening to the EP! All the best to you guys.