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MARLEY Releases Eclectic Single "Hopium"

Marley Reville Brown is a singer, songwriter, producer, model and visual artist from Toronto, Canada. She has been recording independently since 2012 in a home studio, performing under her stage name “MARLEY”. Her musical style draws from multiple genres, such as world music, psychedelic, downtempo, trip hop, acid jazz, bossa nova and lounge. Her unique style and influences create music that is ethereal and evocative.

BuzzMusic is happy to present Marley’s brand new single, “Hopium”. The overall vibe of this song is quite relaxing, and it brings about a feeling of natural ease. The pacing of the song is breezy, with a soft and calming quality throughout. The arrangement of the vocals is unique, creating an otherworldly and ethereal quality that immediately grabs the attention of the listener. Incorporating other instruments such as the trumpet, it is clear that Marley’s musical influences are broad and diverse. We look forward to sampling the other unique creations of this promising artist in the future!

Check out "Hopium" here, and don't forget to check out Marley's exclusive interview below!

Would you describe your background and how you got into music and songwriting?

There was always Music playing in my various households as a child. I always loved to sing along from a very young age, and started to learn how to imitate other voices.  

I began writing my own songs in 2012 to Instrumentals I would find on YouTube. After some time, I was really able to evolve as an Artist and began producing my own Instrumentals.

As a resident of Toronto, how would you describe the music scene there?

I mostly create by myself in my home. But I reached out to my peers online to get a better understanding of the local perspective. There are people who feel that the Toronto Music scene is one of the most diverse and recently thriving in the world. While others have concerns about gentrification, sexual harassment and closing of iconic venues. I suppose Toronto is going through a transformation of sorts, and we have yet to determine where we are at collectively. The heart of Toronto still beats.

Who would you say your biggest influences are?

I am constantly inspired by myself.

I would say my biggest influence are quite eclectic, here is a list of some of them:

Portishead, Björk, Sade, Raphael Saadiq, Amy Winehouse, Bebel Gilberto, Massive Attack, Brazilian Girls, Imogen Heap, Morcheeba, Ladytron, Le Tigre, Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, Lenny Kravitz, Sleater-Kinney

Is there a particular meaning behind the ethereal single “Hopium” that you could share with us?

There is. For me, the word Hopium means believing in yourself. Being joyful. It’s a faith in the Universe, the Stars, and this beautiful Planet. Having hope in people to grow through their trauma and learn to thrive in life again. It means having hope that this systematic societal abuse could be interrupted.

What does the future look like for you and your music?

My music and I will be spreading across the globe. The unique experimental quality of the sound I am creating is something I want everyone to experience and connect with. I think MARLEY will be a staple for listeners for years to come.


Connect with Marley via the artists Facebook and Instagram!


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