Marley Sosa Is Back With Another Fire Single, “My Heart Left” Is OUT NOW!

Marley Sosa is the pinnacle of the independent rap music scene right now. We're entranced in the catchy melodies of his track, and how confident his delivery is on the artistic side. Reining in North Carolina, Marley has been curating music for over 15 years (and it shows). We appreciate the talent and level of expertise Marley brings to his tracks, and can effortlessly say his latest track "My Heart Left" is worth a listen!

Another Rap/Hip Hop track to bless our Spotify playlist! "My Heart Left” is the latest musical offering from Marley Sosa, and we can guarantee this will be the track that makes our BuzzMusic rap listeners become a fan of this artist! Definitely more on the heavy-hitting and aggressive production side, "My Heart Left” enhances the meaning of a catchy rap track. Marley is vigorous with his vocal execution, and is able to maintain a variety of tones throughout the track. We see the capabilities of Marley integrated within "My Heart Left", more notably how he's able to carve his voice into the type of sound that is both appealing and memorable for the listener. Even through the lyrics are somewhat cold and raw, Marley Sosa delivers them with passion and soul. The ambitious and monumental rapper has a lot in store for his fans the rest of this year, he’s also gearing up to release a 6 track EP early 2020. We're impressed, and we know the rap music community will be too! 

Give a listen to Marley Sosa's "My Heart Left" here and continue scrolling for the artists interview with BuzzMusic!

Hey Marley! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Are you able to explain to our readers what music means to you?

Great question! Music to means expression, it means individuality & more importantly it means freedom.  Expression because you have the power to express yourself through your music, everything you’ve been through & experiences.  Individuality because you can be yourself.  It’s your music, your voice just be you.  Most importantly freedom, when your creating/recording/shooting videos your free to paint whatever picture you see.  What I love about it is when your music resonates with other people that relate because they been or going through the same experiences.

"My Heart Left” had a strong lyrical presence to it. What was the theme behind this record? What motivated you to write this?

Reality! Was the theme.  I’m an author/orator of the streets & this was a story of current events. Without getting to deep into because it’s still “legal situations” going on but I’m speaking to those that have been in situations where they see their “family/friends” turn their back on em.  We live in a world where the rats are respected.  I never have & never will respect that.  My motivation behind the writing process/forming the concept was seeing how things were playing out in my city. How the city turn they back on us, how some people view us. So this was a song I made to let the world & my city know. “No We Don’t Condone Talking” & all the listener has to do is press play/close their eyes & listen as I paint the picture.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

All I hope is that they take away the reality, the story & see the picture. I represent the majority of America.  What I call “The Percentage!”  The Percentage they say will never make it out of poverty, the Percentage they say will end up dead/in jail, the Percentage they say can only sell drugs/gang bang/rob. I’m here to break that mold to show you that yes we are a Percentage but we can choose what side of the spectrum we fall on, the positive or negative. You never really see the story of most artist rise to success I’m trying to document every step for those behind me because I’m not stopping & the only way is up. “This My Blueprint!”

Who would you say has shaped your artistic journey thus far? How big of an impact has this person had on your life musically?

My kids, my family & Myself. My kids are my motivators we been through a lot & all I want to do is provide do them something I never had & thats “Stability”. I love music & I’m great at it I know that if I lock in & sacrifice a little longer I can provide for them something I never had.  I motivate myself everyday from seeing a new post from a listener or gaining followers that motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing because I know it’s right. Most importantly the “Music” itself motivates me.  I fell in love with music because of the sound, the rawness & the passion the artist were expressing. Over the years you see where Hip-Hop/Rap has been watered down. I represent that classic Hip-Hop/Rap that Rawness, along with everything going on now & I know there’s still hip hop lovers out there & that motivates me to be on the tips of their tongues when discussing music because they know Sos represents the essence-the culture.

What can your fans expect for the rest of this year and going into 2020?

I’m going to give them 1 EP, double up on these playlist placements to gain listeners & add to our growing fan base, 3 more visuals & a partridge in a pear tree.  But no we really plan on more music & visuals. Linking up with some of these top distributors to really put our music in front of the right people & keep growing. We’re aiming to finish the year stronger than we started & we started pretty strong. I’m working right now on a website to give the fans one direct location to stay updated on everything Cream. We’ve also been working on a “Cream Boy” documentary I’m not putting an exact release date on it but to all my fans stay tapped in on the YouTube Channel: Marley SosaVEVO for all updates. 


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